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Quan Zhi Gao Shou

Feb 7, 2019

An Amazing anime with some of the best artwork I have seen to this day. The plotline is deep, but not so deep you get lost in it. The characters go really well together and seem to be developed to a level that is not normally reached. The only problem I can find is that they sometimes try to do too much at once with the animetion and so the graphics are not always as smoothe as one would like, but over all the amazing artwork out does the occasional slip up in animetion. 

In comparison, QZGS has everything that SAO lacked, it has character depth that I haven't seen in a long time, Fight scenes that are incomparable to any other anime, great cliche moments, a stong theme throughout the whole show, and some of the best backstories I have ever found in book, manga, and anime alike.

I hope you all can enjoy this as much as I did.


9/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Razr720 Feb 19, 2019

How did you manage to watch more than the 1st episode.? I cant seem find find anything but the 1st one?