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Oct 17, 2020

I'll admit this sounds really sad, but this series made me a little depressed. At the beginning you push for Natsuo to get the girl because, he is pretty relatable. We've all had that one teacher that is drop dead gorgeous, that we hope to have detention with... alone. He's just a regular guy, he has a goal and he wants to achieve it. And I think he's a nice guy, he doesn't want to hurt anyone and tends to get caught up in bad situations a lot.

Now, some people will say the sex scenes are a bit much, fair. But I think that it adds to the feel. You see a couple together going through hardship, through happiness. You see them at their worst, their best and at their most intimate moments. And you start to bond with the characters. 

The big reveal was absolutely heartbreaking. Seeing a character you like go through so much pain is horrible but it helps form the story. And seeing him grow from such a down was uplifting.

now then, the whole love triangle thing is a miss for me. I get this happens in anime and manga but I hate harems, and I hate this kinda gimmick. This also leads into the calamity that was the ending. It just felt like the author hit a reset button on the series cause yolo. It completely brings the series down

Personally, I read this because a friend recommended it because he liked it. Sadly he isn't with us anymore but it was nice reading this, thinking of him. I think if you want a really solid romance series that will draw you in and destroy you, this is it. Just miss that ending

7/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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