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so this anime was also one of my most awaited one and was really excited to watch this season 3 and i seriously wish from the bottom of my heart to get a renewal of S4. It definitely live up to my mark...

i liked this so much that i say up till 1:00 am in the morning....to watch the next episode ASAP. and today i finished the series and wrote this review...

now for the discussion:

STORY:it was most certainly exciting with all kinds of cliff hangers and i really lookd forward to every episode i stay awake till 00:10 in the starting of the day to watch the episodes it was just that exciting... but there were some parts which i felt kinda boring but overall it was awesome.

Animation: these days all animation and music are outstanding no doubt about that 

CHARACTER: All plots have been crazy devloped and this season reveals many character backgrounds it seriously blew my mind to be frank. and for those people who havent seen any seasons of this anime - "i know 'bookworm' is kinda weird for a title but the popular phrase 'DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER' defineatly applys here. its really good story

and finally anigeeks who like - comedy, fun, adventure , fantasy, drama and MAGIC this anime is right up your alley......go start watching NOW!!!!!!!

well happy watching

signing out;

Yuuki Anona

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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