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I'm just a normal guy who likes anime (not sure about the normal part though)

Nickname's Yuri.

There is no need to read the followings..... don't blame me if you lose your precious time by reading things about myself... If you really want to know me then call me at the number Classified Information, or you can find me at Classified Information every Classified Information when Classified Information is Classified Information because of the Classified Information and I Classified Information. Phew... anata wa wakarimasu ka? I guess not.......

Ok.... to tell the truth I'm a god, that gave up oh his immortality to come find his love on earth... Nante ne!

I don't really have much to tell since describing people is not my thing.... so....yeah...

I have 16 years.... or that's the age when I wrote this.... I lived somewhere in Romania (and yes... it's on the same planet as you... Earth.... it's not some alien colony or something like that)... I won't say where exactly because I'm sure that when I said Romania you were looking like: "is that something you eat?"... Of course it's not, I live there after all... just in case this may ring a bell: Romania is the country where "Dracula" was born ... yeah... the vampire Dracula... No... not the loli one.

Hobbies: not sure..... maybe watching anime, movies, writing, programming, video/foto editing, playing games, talking / going out with my friends, killing people.... like any other normal guy

Wait..... I don't kill people... I'm a 'good' guy... or at least I have no memory of doing so. But that's just on the surface. Don't think that I'm hiding some bodies somewhere, but science says otherwise: "The butterfly effect". And that's true for everyone.

Personality: I can be a funny guy.... but I can as well be annoying, crazy, lazy (most of the time), good, bad, red, blue , yellow, white, black, etc. ... I guess you could say I have moods.... Whatever... that's not something you should concern yourself with... your priority is living to tell the tale, right?

Whatever my personality is, I still respect a rule: I treat you the way you treat me. People say "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" will destroy humanity.... well... I'm here to be sure of that... maybe?...

OK! What did you learn today? I was telling the truth when I said you're going to waste your time reading this.

Ja, Gokigen'yō!

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GintamaLove Apr 22, 2016

Hello there, I just read your profile and saw that you're from Romania! I am half-Romanian as my mother's from Bucharest and half-German. Sadly, I don't speak Romanian, but I understand everything :D

I found your profile while I read reviews of Yamada-kun and the seven witches. So how did you get into anime and what are your favourite genres? Do you also have a favourite anime and manga?

Would be nice to hear back from you! :)

nallyasian Feb 4, 2012


And I don't care if you said that I didn't have to read your "about me" section, cause I just did. And I think you're awesome :P

And yes, you're not normal. But who wants normal these days anyway? 

Nice to meet you!

xxSilencexx Oct 17, 2010

I saw your reply to the review of H2O, I'm glad there are people like you who stand up to the injustice of some of these reviews,

arigatou gozaimashita