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Sianeka Jan 18, 2016

JezebelSierra says...  Hello how've you been? It's been a while ^^"  Anyway I forgot my DA but I'm posting my drawings on pinterest. ^_^ If you can let me know what you think.

Hi - good to hear from you again.  I've been so busy myself, and haven't left you any messages recently. *sad*  Sorry!

You forgot your DA????  I don't really use pinterest so much, so I'm not sure how to find your drawings.  You have lots of bulletin boards with images pinned from all over.  Is there a specific bulletin board that has only your art?  How do I find your drawings there?  I really want to see them!

Sianeka Jun 1, 2015

JezebelSierra says... Yeah about that... Ihave quite a few I still need to get on DA.  I hope you can wait for them ;)

I'll be looking forward to seeing them! *smile*

Sianeka May 29, 2015

JezebelSierra says... Well so far I made boards for each character I could think of and make drawings in my drawing style. But I'm very strict I want them to look good X"D   P.s. its ok really. Feel free to look I've got plenty ;)

Following you back there and just saw a quick look at a couple of boards, enough to convince me I want to spend several HOURS lost in looking at your board creations! *big smile*

Thanks for letting me know, I can't wait to go back and start lurking your boards! (I especially need to check out your artwork - I gotta look at your deviatArt pages too...)

Sianeka May 27, 2015

JezebelSierra says... I just followed you on pinterest ^^

I am soooo sorry for the late response replying back to your last comment to me.  I just got a new laptop (my first!) as an early birthday present - my birthday's not until July - and I've been playing with it - setup, getting all my programs loaded onto it, learning the new operating system (Win 8) plus had some RL time constraints and with everything happening, I just haven't been on a-p as much as usual and not responding to my comments as quickly as I usually do. :(

My bad, totally.

Cause I love my comment conversations!  Am so very sorry I've neglected them for this past week and a half, and especially sorry I hadn't gotten back to you.

I'm not actually on pinterest very often, but if you have any bishi suggestions for my Bishi Boy board, I'd love to hear!  (I gotta go check out what boards you have made!)

Sianeka Apr 26, 2014

Definitely frustrating to deal with!