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My Bio

In my normal life I am a implementation specialist at the headquarters of a supermarket.

In the evenings I keep myself occupied with gaming and co-organizing Holland's oldest Anime convention: Animecon.


Apart from that I am a community moderator for a Dutch Anime Forum and Crunchyroll.

My other passions are reading, traveling, gadgets, computers, audio/video and gaming.

Why Anime?

My fondness for cartoons and comics never grew out of me and I've been a fan of Asian animation since my early teen years, although I admit that over the years I have become quite selective on the genres I like and what I watch.

Compared to the time I have been a fan of anime you may find that my list is fairly small, the explaination for that is quite simple:

Throughout the years I have watched many different anime, and since I haven't specifically remembered or catalogued what I have watched I'll add the titles I have watched but have not added to my list as I remember them or accidentally stumble upon them while browsing this or other anime related sites.

One of my largest prides is my always growing Anime collection, which is also displayed in my lists.

For a more detailed list however, I also keep a spreadsheet on my Google Drive:


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Life on manga

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JTown91 Jan 3, 2013

Thank you for the awesome suggestions! I love hearing about peoples favorites. Anime is so diverse and personal that you always get a good batch of the classics when you ask a true fan. Definately gonna see Cowboy Bebop start to finish as I've only seen a few eps. Durarara was okay but the plot got really confusing half way through so im stalled but ill probably pick it back up.  The first ghost in the shell series was good, but the second one was kinda more of the same and it didnt really do it for me. I'm excited to look into Darker than Black and Record of Lodoss wars! Thanks for the reply bro.

JTown91 Jan 3, 2013

Yo! You look like you have a pretty expansive repitoire of anime on your watched list.  I came accross your profile reading the review your wrote for the Berserk Movie and thought it was pretty much in line with my thoughts of it.  I'm commenting to ask if you could reccomend anything similar to Berserk for me to watch next.  I've seen Claymore - it was okay but not as much character/plot emphasis as Berserk.  One series I really liked was Baccano! though the setting was a bit diffrent. I just finished Yu Yu Hakusho which was a bit more light hearted and comic then berserk but I still loved the charcaters/story development. I'm intrested to hear what your favorites are, write me back!