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UsagiDandere Jul 8, 2022

Oh about BELLE I already had the convo with a different commenter. You're probably right but I don't want to rewatch it from that perspective because it wouldn't change that it wasn't enjoyable for me. My initial impressions of it remain the same since it was based on a love story.

I don't really like admitting it but I'm dumb as shit so have fun being right but I like it in my dunce corner

Sirscaredyclaude Jul 2, 2022

Not at all and thank you for responding.

By the way, I can't wait to see Digimon Survive get released on early Leo Day. The day peaches are able to be harvested.

Sirscaredyclaude Jun 29, 2022

Hello miss! So what do you like most about Sora Takenouchi?

Jaderunner Jun 25, 2022

"Perhaps language isn't your problem..." - Tomoe

"Maybe...your...appearance?" - Emma

"Is my face seriously that horrendous..?" - Misumi

*Tomoe bursts into a chortle* "YOU THINK IT'S BECAUSE OF YOUR FACE!?" - Tomoe

*insert punch to the noggin by Misumi, and showing Tomoe with a bump on her head* 

"Y-You...certainly do have quite the unique look going on... But... the real reason is your mana, Young Master...." - Tomoe

This single exchange cemented my love for Tomoe's care free, teasing, and knowledgeable personality. She's the best. And I think Misumi is alittle too hard on her. xD

MadamOtaku Jun 15, 2022

Thank you for the response. 

I've heard a lot about Durarara. I just haven't got to watch it yet. I think I'll move it to the top of the list of anime to watch next. My want to watch list is as long as War And Peace. I dont' t know if I'll ever catch up. 😩