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Love in Hell

Nov 15, 2019

Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers:

Love in Hell is one manga that I’ve seen around but never actually had the guts to try it out because of some of the warning tags on it, me being not the biggest fan when it comes to things that are really violence or too sexual. I did end up reading it (obviously) and it definitely wasn’t great but it wasn’t completely unreadable either which genuinely surprised me. The basic story is that you follow a guy, Rentaro, who has fallen into hell but has lost his memory in the process where the aim is to try and figure out why he was sent to hell. Concept wise it was quite interesting but, most likely due to the length, it felt quite rushed at points which ruined certain aspects.


The story was enjoyable enough throughout. The basic concept was solid, and I do believe that there was potential in there for a more interesting story however the pacing seems to have let it down slightly. There are points where the story seems incredibly rushed and that ruined the emotional side of some parts, they probably didn’t get the intended reaction from me. But overall, it’s an alright read, yeah the story isn’t the strongest but it isn’t the worst I’ve read.


Art is decent worked well with the overly violent storyline which is all I can really say about that section. It isn’t anything too detailed but got across what it was supposed to which is all I need when reading, to be honest. The characters designs were questionable but oh well, it’s a lewd manga about sinners being tortured, I wouldn’t expect any different.

I enjoyed the variation in characters and the relationship between the demons the sinners, these moments being amusing enough. Obviously like the story and art, it’s really noting complicated, but it was enough for what it was. Rentaro was an alright main character, some parts I felt he came across quite bland and at certain points in the story I felt like I probably should feel bad for him but where the story is lacking, it loses his intended character development (in my opinion). In this case, average personalities and designs worked quite well for the series.

In conclusion, this manga is far from being good but it does have it’s good elements, it did get a few laughs out of me but I would say that if you intend to read it, don’t get your hopes up that it will be a 10/10 masterpiece because it really isn’t. Thanks for reading another one of my trash reviews, I hope you enjoyed it.


PS: This review is for The Manga Raffle League located on the forum <3

5.5/10 story
6/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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