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Apr 13, 2015

So this is my review for the winter 2015 anime Shirobako, it is a slice of life anime around a group of people in an animation company. It is a very light-hearted anime and is great for a marathon. It follows the story of 5 girls who want to make an anime together like they did when they were in school but it wasn’t as simple as they thought, it gives us a view on what the anime industry is really like and I enjoyed that (which is why I gave it such a high grade overall).


It is a sweet story and overall very well laid b out, I found myself enjoying it more than I expected. As I said it is a very basic idea for an anime but it works out so well. I enjoyed how we got to see what really happens in an industry like this, it is probably one of the best slice of life anime I have seen in a long time.


The animation is close to perfection, each character has a unique design and the colouring used is so vibrant, the other thing is I loved the detail in the eyes. However nothing is perfect and there were a few minor flaws around certain areas.


The music is what it is meant to be for an anime such as this, light and fluffy, in a way. The voice acting was well done as well, most of the characters fitted their voices. (The design and voice all linked up perfectly.) That is all I can really say about this area.


So this anime portrays characters people can relate to perfectly, each with their own strengths and weaknesses anyone could relate to. Plus the characters are amusing to watch, which in the end brings the whole series together. I think at I could personally relate to Ema but that is just me.

So overall I would say that this is one of my new favourite slice of life programs. If you are interested a light series, this is perfect for you.   So that is it for now, bye bye


8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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