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Kon no Ki Konoha

Feb 13, 2015

Warning this Review probably will contain spoilers:

So another one of my amazing reviews this time for another one shot, again for the February Monthly Marathon 2015. I would advice that you check it out on the forum, it is great fun. Anyway back to the review, so this is for a supernatural romance one shot known as Kon no Ki Konoha. This time we are following the characters of Akino and Konoha. 


So the basic story is that when Akino was younger she found a blue leaf, which lead to her finding a blue tree....then a mysterious boy appears. He has dark blue hair, apparently a similar colour to the tree. Also another point is how Konoha (the tree boy) is somehow connected to the tree. The story is interesting and quite unique even though it does seem familiar in something I have seen before, but oh well. Anyway quite a interesting story.


The art appears to be quite good, character designs appear to be well drawn and just the style I like to look at. Not much to really say about this except that it was pretty good, slightly over average I would say.


So lets start wil Akino, we see her slowly fall in love with Konoha ever since she was a child, we see her grow over time. Her appearence and personality all develop slightly during the manga, but as it is a one shot you don't get too much character development. With any character at all. Konoha is a unique character and overall quite likeable, but the same as Akino you don't get too much development, just a bit about his past but not too much.


So overall, interesting one shot but slightly average. A good read but it is up to you if you want to read it.


4/10 story
5/10 art
4/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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