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Amagi Brilliant Park

Dec 28, 2014

Warning this Review may and probably will contain spoilers-

One of today’s reviews will be on Amagi Brilliant Park, an anime that at the time of this review only finished a few days ago. Now a quick summary, Amagi Brilliant Park is a unique anime that you don’t come across often. The story is based around a theme park and Kanie an ‘average’ high schooler. It’s a story on how Kanie revives the park from its sorry state with help from Isuzu and Moffle plus many other characters. It also adds some drama nearer the end.


The story like I said is unique, it has pretty much all my favourite genres mixed into one anime. The comedy aspect was consistence and even the jokes made me laugh every time. The fantasy element was clear. The story was quite amusing however if it was a longer anime I would of liked to see all the stages they had to go through to get to the final product (I found that they managed to draw in customers pretty quickly and I was unsure what changed so much), another thing that bothered me was what happened near the end of episode 12 but that is something else, I thought that left it open for a second series.


The animation is beautiful and I can seem to find any faults in it. It is the typical Kyoto animation style and is very similar to anime such as Beyond the Boundary. Just like them anime there were few faults in the animation or storyline, the anime just needs more episodes.


The opening was catchy….I mean really very catchy. So catchy that I find myself humming the tune everywhere T_T. However the ending wasn’t my favourite if you compare it to the opening. The voice acting was spot on, each character had a very good voice match. (I am actually hoping for an English dub, just to see if they can match up that perfection).


The characters seem to be well thought out and their personalities all fit great around each other. I am also told that Moffle looks quite similar to another anime character from Full Metal Panic! Which I found was a sweet touch onto the series. The characters bring the whole show together and make it an awesome show.

In conclusion, if you are looking for something light to watch here is a good anime to consider, plus do you like the new review style I thought I would try ^_^


8/10 story
9/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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