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Warning this Review may contain spoilers-

Now onto another one of my amazing reviews, just for you all. This time it is for the anime Hyperdimension Neptunia. A short 13 episode anime based off a widly popular game. But in the end it was pretty disappointing, my hopes were obviously too high for this anime and in the end I was way too confused. Well I haven't played the game at this point so maybe that would of help with my understanding. Well anyway the story, well there wasn't much of a storyline, a bit random actually...one minute they were somewhere then the next they are somewhere different. And so started my confusion.  Also there were way too many ecchi moments, it was disturbing.

The animation was very detailedand probably the best thing about this anime, however the character designs revealed way too much flesh, again disturbing. The music was average, the opening was quite good and quite different compared to some of the other series. However the ending was pretty boring. The voice actors I didn't take much notice in but from what I heard they were great for the characters presented. The characters were rushed and undeveloped, the personalities were way too expected and there wasn't much to say about them.

Overall this wasn't the worst anime but it wasn't by far the best. I honestly wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless you really want to watch it but that might just be me. Anyway that ends this review, thank you for reading.



4/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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Wintermourn Jul 14, 2016

The series is a joke on the Game Industry.

Possiblydominator Sep 16, 2015

"...haven't played the game..." Alright, thats the problem right there.

kwnk20 Jul 30, 2014

ahh i agree with you though i watched only the first ep but yes characters are boring, too much flesh is shown and everything else is way too average...