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May 23, 2022

So let me get this straight. Hibiki triggered an error in the universes but also ultimately saved earth. wow.

The romance in this was pretty sweet. But regarding character development? Hibiki became more human as he spends his days with Uta. Both Hibiki and Uta give each other meanings to be alive. Both from different worlds.

One thing I admire about this movie is that they tell the stories how a bunch of orphans would in-fact run off into the void just to escape reality's burdens. Being different from the average people would. Also, I'm not entirely sure, but there were ADHD/Autism components played in the movie right? Like the Undertakers I assume were all mute maybe deaf. 

The movie wasn't entirely perfect. Some characters that they cast were a bit.. well I just think they could do better. Some questions were also left unanswered like; Who are the people in the HQ? Who watches over them? I thought it'd be a free land but ofcourse an anarchy exist still. Who are the sponsor for the Undertaker? How did the guy lose his leg? By a blackhole or just an accident while doing Parkour. 

Well overall I enjoyed it. Love it. Wit studio did a fine job with this one, they mostly focused on the background and bubble effects. Some scenes with the character designs weren't all enhance as compared to other scenes. I enjoyed it still.

Respect to the production 👏

• • •SPOILER• • • SUMMARY • • •

So let me sum this up. One day the earth finally meet it's doom. A total destruction and annihilation of Earth; a new cycle of life was about to begin therefore the destruction is a must in the process.

But during that process a boy named Hibiki by sheer coincidence caught the attention of a single atom of that total quantum of explosion. Hibiki interacted with that single atom, they botch clicked. But when the massive quantum noticed them, Hibiki somehow triggered (I think because as a mortal he had no business engaging himself with a powerful force of the universe) the Quantum to cause a minor explosion. 

That's how Hibiki triggered the explosion of earth. But because the Quantum wasn't exactly in it's final stage of destruction, the explosion was minor and also a way of warning us mortals to stay out of their matters. 

5 years later, again, one day Hibiki notices the singing coming from the tower AGAIN. It seems he made many attempts before, but this time while climbing the tower he falls down the flood. The same single atom from 5 years ago who interacted with him, saw he was struggling underwater and decided to help him. The single atom 'bubble' plunges into water and as it was about to reach him, Hibiki let out a cry and somehow his voice formed in a bubble underwater collided with the Atom. 

Thus the atom somehow shapes itself into a human form. Saving Hibiki and started it's remaining days on earth as a human being learning to give meaning to Her life. 

Uta (the ayom), one day returns to Mother Quantum, and with Uta's return the Quantum was finally ready to go through it's last stage which was the annihilation of Earth. But Hibiki runs after Uta wanting to take her back. They succeeded. They run away together. Mother Quantum chases after her.

They lost her. Mother Quantum loses. Uta is now with Hibiki. And in her remaining hours left, they had some tear jerking sweet moments. Uta then fades away. 

• • • FIN

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
8/10 overall
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