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May the Force be with you in 2021!!!

Hi ^^

About me:
First of all... I'm not real otaku!
Why? Simple answer.
It's just my opinion! I haven't watched too many anime and I haven't read too many manga.. so I think otaku is a person who knows every single detail from anime or manga. :D  Mainly the person can seriously rate every anime. I'm just a big fan of anime and manga. Of course I'm in love with many characters ... I'll plan to marry them all. XD

I'm university student who wants to live in anime with my favourite characters. ^^
Of course I'm not an ordinary person because:

...and except this one I'm really good in reading manga and watching anime. :D

Nice to meet you... I'm Háňa. ^^

My anime's life:
My anime life's started when I went at elementary school. First anime for me was Pokemon but I've never watched all episodes. :D I really liked the animation of it. It's different than fairytailes in my country. :D Yeah, when I was young I thought anime are like fairytales. But now I'm more wise than before and I know that anime is very different. xD
The main point in my anime life is day when I watched Naruto for the first time. It influenced me too much that I've started with some other anime.
From that time many years ran out because I had a big gap between watching anime. I think it was 2-3 years.

Watched anime:

My favourite anime:

My favourite characters:

My favourite seiyuu:

My manga's life:
There is very similar situation like in my anime's life. ^^
I started with Naruto and continued Naruto Shippuden.
But I prefer yaoi manga than anime yaoi because there are too many series which I've never read. :D I think this source is unlimited for my imagination. xD
Of course I read manga without BL's components. :D It's something about 12% of all manga series which I've ever read. xD

Read manga / manhwa / manhua:

My favourite manga / manhwa / manhua:

My favourite mangaka:

My rating here:

5* - masterpieces, it's not common because it had to be too amazing like 3 tiered chocolate cake with raspberries

4,5-4* - not all, my favourite pieces which have amazing story, characters or surroundings...

3,5-3* - very often, I like them but there is some things which I don't like

2,5-2* - interesting start -> worse end, bad start -> better end

1,5-1* - worse ones

0,5 - 0* - nonsense


P.S. Let's go to kill Satou!

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ksensei Feb 3, 2019

OHLALA I love your profile! thank you for following me! totally following you back! let's get along!!!!

reimam7 May 13, 2018

You are a BL reader  , me too :D  Even  you dont like Bakugo (I like him) that doesnt matter .Thank s for following!

Aerythrin Jun 21, 2017


Thank you for following me. ^_^ I am now following you back.

If you have any questions or just want to chat please don't be shy! :3