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May the Force be with you in 2023!!!

Hey there ^^

About me:
First of all...
I'm just a regular fan. I'm working adult who wants to live in anime with my favourite characters. ^^
Of course I'm not an ordinary person because:

...and except this one I'm really good in reading yaoi manga. :D

Nice to meet you... I'm Hana. ^^


My anime's life:
My anime life's started when I went at elementary school. First anime for me was Pokemon but I've never watched all episodes. :D I really liked the animation of it. It's different than fairytailes in my country. :D Yeah, when I was young I thought anime are like fairytales. But now I'm more wise than before and I know that anime is very different. xD
The main point in my anime life is day when I watched Naruto for the first time. It influenced me so much that I've started with some other animes.
From that time many years ran out because I had a big gap between watching anime. I think it was 2-3 years.

Watched anime:

My favourite anime:

My favourite characters:

My hubby <3

My favourite seiyuus:

My manga's life:
There is very similar situation like in my anime's life. ^^
I started with Naruto and continued Naruto Shippuden.
But I prefer yaoi manga than anime yaoi because there are too many series which I've never read. :D I think this source is unlimited for my imagination. xD
Of course I read manga without BL's components. :D It's something about 5 -10 % of all manga series which I've ever read. xD

Read manga / manhwa / manhua:

My favourite manga / manhwa / manhua:

My favourite mangaka:

How obssessed I'm -> mainly with yaoi manga per year (statistics - reading challenges):

My rating  system:

5* - masterpieces, it's not common because it had to be too amazing like 3 tiered chocolate cake with raspberries

4,5-4* - not all, my favourite pieces which have amazing story, characters or surroundings...

3,5-3* - very often, I like them but there is some things which I don't like

2,5-2* - interesting start -> worse end, bad start -> better end

1,5-1* - worse ones

0,5 - 0* - nonsense


Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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333 total

Life on manga

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Manga ratings

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ksensei Feb 3, 2019

OHLALA I love your profile! thank you for following me! totally following you back! let's get along!!!!

reimam7 May 13, 2018

You are a BL reader  , me too :D  Even  you dont like Bakugo (I like him) that doesnt matter .Thank s for following!

Aerythrin Jun 21, 2017


Thank you for following me. ^_^ I am now following you back.

If you have any questions or just want to chat please don't be shy! :3