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Blood Bank

Oct 13, 2017

If you're into gay s*** and (or) BDSM then this is a story for you to read. It's pretty much true when they say vampires don't just suck blood, they also suck d***, cus here you have quite the f***fest of gay s*** between One and Shell.

The lore had potential. Basically, the world is run by vampires and use/treat humans as livestock. Some vampires have abnormal traits but it's highly looked down upon in their society, thus being an "abnormal" must be secret.

The story itself follows the relationship between Shell Overlord, an abnormal vampire, who has fallen head over heels for a human banker, One. The story starts off pretty nice, and I personally love how Silb wrote the BDSM scenes, unlike most stories that implements BDSM acts that I've read that treats it as just a physical and sexual act. The scenes written show how much of a psychological impact that a session can have between both parties as well. If you can get passed the couple of art mistakes where there's literally no d*** and you're thinking "lol what the f*** are you doing man? What're you jerking? There ain't s*** in your hand!" then these scenes can hold something that the art obviously is not.

However what I disliked was how seemingly rushed the story was towards the end. It may be an easy to read and understand Manhwa but it just seems like there could have been so much more put into it.

The art is absolutely gorgeous, it's complex and shows depth in serious scenes. And in the laid back more chill scenes, it can be really cute and charming.

As for the characters, personally I didn't like One, that's just me though, I don't know why, even though he was written decently, just personality wise he didn't appeal to me.
Shell Overlord though, holy f****** s*** is he my dream f***** sub. He may be an overlord on the outside who appears scary, but on the inside he's an innocent little submissive who would do anything to please his master. I have no words to describe him, this is probably my inner Fudanshi screaming, because I won't lie, I absolutely love this character. I love how he's written, I love his design. I just, ugh.

Overall however, it is something I do recommend, whether it's for that gay s*** or the BDSM, even for the story itself, this is quite a decent read.

Characters - Shell Overlord/10
Overall - would fap again/10 nah seriously, check what I wrote for my ratings.

8/10 story
9/10 art
7/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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