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Just going to keep this short and sweet (not a very good review writer haha) but overall this is a really solid entry in the Violet Evergarden series, if a bit unecessary in my opinion.

Story/ Structure

The original show was a very tightly done series that didn't especially need a sequel of any kind, I think it was better being left off where it ended. The other side movies of this series only add stories of new characters and arcs in Violets various jobs as opposed to this movie, which (spoiler) is a direct continuation of season 1 and has the reveal that Gilbert is indeed alive. Interestingly to me though, the Violet and Gilbert relationship doesnt shine as strongly in this movie as it does in the series mostly due to pacing.The pacing between the different storylines and timelines interrupts the tension and so the big emotional scenes from the main cast dont have that much time to shine or let their weight sit with you. The emotional drama is the biggest pull for a series like Violet but the big characters scenes is slightly dissapointing and lackluster. These almost rushed and slightly underdeveloped scenes made, in what I originally found to be a super emotional series, far less impactful than what I was expecting.

I think the first half of the movie was defnitely stronger than the second because of how much of a letdown the climax was. Personally I was far more engaged with her brother and Violet bonding and coming to terms with it and loved seeing some insight into a character that hasnt otherwise gotten that much in terms of personal development (though that could be said for a lot of the main cast at the postal service who dont especially have fleshed out backstories or arcs either).

Other than that, I thought the side arc of Violets client(?) was probably not as strong as other characters in the series especially because it doesnt seem like a fresh story after the show, but again its more of a backdrop to Violet's own story rather than taking centre stage like other movies and episodes, so it's not too much of a big deal. The future timeline I didn't think added too much to the movie when you consider just how much screentime it gets, it feels like it should just be a framing device but it was so lengthy at times it was distracting and not engaging apart from it being a callback to a past client of Violets.

Animation and Sound

I dont have much to say here at all, presentation wise, this is as visually stunning as all the other entries in the series. The animation is stunning and fluid (if not a bit dark at times) and the soundtrack adds the perfect emotional cues as needed. Dont think it needs to be said that the voice acting maintains its top tier quality and really only diminished by my issues with the story itself.

Overall if you are a fan of the series I 100% recommend this and I think you'll enjoy it, I just dont think it stands as strong as other entries to this series, considering the emotional weight of what is revealed in the movie. Still, a good drama if youre looking to get you Violet fill!

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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