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Hello, my name is Yasumiyuki Sakura. I enjoy watching anime, playing games, and writing programs.

I'm currently a full time student with many hobbies.  :Edit notes to this part... I have graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with minors in business, math, art, and also a degree in Psychology... Yay for the American economy being crap!  No one will hire me because I'm over qualified or I've got no experience... go me for being screwed!... Back to school I'm going... </3

Even though I AM Japanese... I am unable to speak it :( But I do hope to learn soon and go to Japan.

By the way, I wanted to let y'all know that if you want any kind of critic type reviews on an anime that I have watched, let me know. I would go through and make one for all of them... but c'mon... I really don't want to have to take the time to review 500+ series when I can spend that time watching more :P

I no longer will have a top 5 anime because it is impossible for me to choose 5 anime that I like over the others. basically anything I give a 4 and a half stars I really enjoyed.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Saoulmanblaster Jan 4, 2008

Yeah claymore is good but berserk is better

mis4tune Dec 14, 2007

hehe, good luck and dont forget to tell me if you liked it :P :D

mis4tune Dec 5, 2007

wazaaaaaaa ;) how r u doin'? ^_^ hehe i stopped by to tell you that you made me addict to clannad, aaaaaa, and im here to return the favor :P

kimikiss pure rogue, try it :) 

mis4tune Nov 21, 2007

hihi thats nice ^^ gz, on this side its rather complicated, im repeating a year at my university and i got the 1st semester clear so im part time jobbing ;) (sometimes i think that im some kind of anime char...cruel but i got the same things happening to me :)),

oh and the clannad thing, well im at episode 7 (thats what there is atm, subbed ofc) i like it more and more, reminds me kinda of Kanon and honey & clover, but at least till now i think it can become either superb or the standard garbage. 

mis4tune Nov 20, 2007

wazaaaaa :D im currently at episode 3 so i cant quite tell you if its the thing but so far it looks good, im also currently watching some new series like

 title(temporary rating)

kimikiss pure rogue (8.5) - school and stuff :D

goshuushou sama ninomiya kun (8) - lots of fan service with many laughts

 lovely complex (9) - this 1 is pretty niceeee, and really uncommon lol

ef - a tale of memories (8.5) - some kind of artistic romance/tragedy

:D btw how's school goin'?