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Yara777 Jul 25
commented on Nessa0407's review of I’m the Main Character’s Child
I also think that. And it's super predictable. Spoiler. When they said they would go to the library, I thought "I bet we find the ml there." And who did we find there? The ML.
I’m the Main Character’s Child

This kinda feels like a Who Made Me A Princess knock off.  From the way she meets her dad to the ml being a mage who is ageless.  I also think it is way to fast paced . For example  (slight spoiler) one second she throws a shoe at her dad than a few panels later she decideds she...

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Yara777 Jan 2022
commented on Raya
Best Bird
Yara777 Oct 2021
commented on Satowa HOZUKI
I love her and chika the most of all characters in the world
Yara777 Oct 2021
commented on Chika's Father
I hate him, how could you say something like that to our cute little chika boy :(
Yara777 Oct 2021
commented on Peacock MELODY
Yara777 Aug 2021
commented on Yona
I love her. She's the best.
Yara777 Jul 2021
commented on Truck-kun
Greatest villain in anime/Manga/manhwa history

Truck-kun is Japan's #1 serial killer, indiscriminately mowing down people, pets, and other beings. Some believe Truck-kun is secretly a shill for the isekai industry, as its victims frequently...