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Blood Link

Sep 7, 2019


chap. 11

things are going ok,, and then "wow i smell a female lycan and wow it turns out that its the uke" WHAT. THERE WAS NO MENTION OF THIS BEING AN OMEGA-VERSE TYPE THING!!!! 


Not to kink shame or anything (kink-shaming is my kink!) but I don't like BL where the uke is "oh he's a guy, but wait he's actually a girl/smells like a girl cuz dogs"

Also the seme is.. less than what i expected. He's very asshole-ish and keeps blaming the uke, when the uke was trying to do the right thing. Also, I don't like how he completely disregards the uke when having sex. The uke will be like "Ow it hurts I'm serious" and then this seme will keep going anyway. Also the seme got jealous of the ukes friends, and actually like, glared at them and stuff, and I don't appreciate that. Like, as a seme, as a boyfriend, you gotta respect your partners personal life, unless it's you're partners kink, then go ahead, but um this wasn't presented as a kink type thing, so yeah the seme = big douch

I like vampires in my BL, but if you don't want omga-verse stuff in it than skip this one. (unless your kink is to start reading something, get hooked, get dissapointed)

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
5/10 overall

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Some1ridculous Apr 24, 2020

Yeah I agree with this review atw, I thought the whole thing was rather forced so it became pretty boring for me. I will say the art in the sex scenes were rather nicely detailed. However it's not really a best read out there tbh....

OtakuMaki Apr 11, 2020

I love this review. Thanks for the advice

GAEA0888 Dec 30, 2019

Can You Please help me to use the web I do not know how to Open the Manga😭😭

Pinkunicorn8 Oct 3, 2019

i'm so confused how to read this. What did you do to open the chapters?