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Melting Point

May 4, 2021

Hyun's horrible personality is irritating on the surface initially unless you try putting yourself in his shoes and figured it's merely inferiority complex combined with vain apathy & jealousy that made him like this. He was a teen when Myungook entered into his life, for a sudden newcomer to fare better than himself in almost all aspects like they're gifted/blessed and shit, naturally, Hyun's gonna start getting jealous for all these petty reasons. This feeling never happened to me as I've never experienced this shit before but I could still relate somehow. For Hyun being a teen from a broken home just fueled this complex even more. Nevertheless, this guy went through his character development and owned up to the mistakes he had done in the past. Both him and Myungook admitted that they're constantly helping each other make up in what they're lacking, a pretty straightforward happy ending I'd say.

The one trend I'm not so fond of in these BL manhwas is seeing grownass people being openly biased towards gays and SLANDER them, which is exactly what happened after 20 chapters of misunderstandings is solved. Bitch.... *cue wtf face*, I just dun get why every employees in workplaces have to be portrayed as gossiping homophobes. They're fucking adults for Christ's... pls~~ not everyone around a gay BL couple has to be like that lol. These people have too much time on their hands ya can see they're only created to serve this purpose looolz.

?/10 story
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7.4/10 overall
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