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Sweet Caress

May 4, 2021

I honestly dk how this went from Woojin being an emo pet magnet to a war between the brothers to later on adding an unsavoury person to the mix-Seongyu... but one thing's for sure I was laughing my ass off the whole time idk why dun ask me. Sangyoon was such a chill-headed forward dude whilst his bro Sangwook running out of the house in a bathrobe had me shitting😂👌, makes me wanna snatch it and toss it onto a semi-naked birdman Michael Keaton in Times Square instead. I'm fine with either of the bros ending up with Woojin but Sangwook needs to learn self-control before knowing he has a chance that dude's junior IS wild. No shit.

?/10 story
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7.5/10 overall
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