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If you've read "hold me tight" before you'll get almost the same feeling when reading this, the bloody angst the character gives off who had to try desperately to hide the sneaky operation he's doing, you gon be reading this in preparation for the not-so-pleasant reaction of the other party when the truth comes to light. "Hold me tight" doesn't deliver the same angst due to the fact that it's smut throughout and Giovanni already knew, whilst in this one Taejun is absolutely clueless for about 28 chapters straight, chap 28 is like an instant heartbreak and you'll have to bear with your aching kokoro for like 10 chaps for them to make up again. 

The experience was not so pleasant since you know this shit will come sooner or later, but after all the post-angsty shit is cleared up I assure you they'll make up and go back to smoochy smooch again, all the tension will be lifted off after chap 38. This pattern is inevitable since the author chose this type of storyline: temporary bliss-reveal-heartbreak-misunderstandings cleared-back to square one. 

Wonyoung also ain't an uke that needs to be pursued after a breakup, the man is spontaneous, he became the pursuer post-break up to get his man back. Comes off as clingy but his unwavering persistence alone earned himself some brownie points *evangelion's last ep claps*.

7/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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