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Season one left us with a satisfying taste of Wolfgang's victorious rose to the throne, thereby we begin season 2- Triple Crown, which blends abit of comedy, subplots, and gripping new characters that's topped off with some steamy chamber actions between.... you know who.  

This season's art is even more stunning than the previous one, the scenes were painstakingly drawn to render a comprehensive view of the surroundings, saying it's beautiful isn't even stretching it, it's already part of this manhwa's strong points.... this along with Shin's character's flaw being used to advance the plot👏👏, whilst Wolfgang basically remains a himbo who'll make use of his street smarts & strength when the situation calls for it. Sys also grew ten times more adorable and became their love consultant.   

As much as I adore the new characters (dead king's bastards, Wolf's childhood friends, redheads) it kinda stumbles abit when it comes to the build-up before escalating into that "bodyguard choosing day" invasion. Like I appreciate the little intimate & funny moments the artist has shown us in the previous chaps but that climax was lacking an appropriate intro, besides this and the lil derivative "North of the Wall" setting everything else is perfect. 

I dun wanna give away who the villain is but this, sweetie, will be a fight between gold and red. With the root of the conflict originating from the royal family's stupid golden genealogy favouring.

8/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
9.2/10 overall
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