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King's Maker

Mar 18, 2021

This manhwa HANDS DOWN make all other BLs that primarily centre its storytelling on smut look inferior. I was sent through a wave of emotions every chapter, the color palette gives gold a whole new damn meaning, the architectures are shiny AF, and the dark themes were portrayed to a disturbing BUT not graphic extent without glorifying its wrongfulness. IF you're sensitive to sick shit like pederasty, heads on stakes, child abuse, y'know those kinda disturbing stuffs then a big heads up coz there WILL be stuffs like these in the manhwa. 

Let's be honest everyone likes protagonists who escape the slums, build strengths, then rise to power in the most kickass fashion possible. Well darling here I present to you Wolfgang THE MAN Goldenleonard! This lad let his old abominable man tastes a sip of revenge from the people, of course Soohyuk deserves more credibility in terms of greatness. His shrewd wits and tacts helped kept Wolf's impulsiveness in check, and is basically the real MVP of the story. Without Soohyuk's presence Wolf's character wouldn't progress to a capable monarch at the end. He literally the King's Maker y'all. Credits are also given to Theo a terrific father figure & Sys a flirty aide in the siege attempt who's also a sassy charmer. 

Folks the artists have to redraw Wolfgang's earlobe to fit his desired "physiognomy" lol, go feel their pain.

8/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
9.4/10 overall

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