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Serenity Film

Feb 23, 2021

Both couples are another level of wholesome, it's cute as heck. The attraction towards each other played out really naturally, it doesn't come off forced or any kind. 

First season have Setz being all brazenly slutty in front of Brow the soon-to-be seme, he did some semi-nude modelling to add to Brow's photobook collection in exchange for not trimming Brow's bushy brows (it was all a lie anyway), and they went from fuck buddies to lovers afterwards. The thing I hate about this first part was Setz's ex's "capture", it's so bloody cheesy like around SECONDS after revealing your conversation has been secretly recorded the police just SHOWED UP out of nowhere to arrest the ex. I LOLED the hardest at that scene oh my- 

Second season is more wholesome imo, it's about Sezz (Setz's older brother) getting over his brother's newfound life, getting drunk in a bar, and meeting this guy Ian who's like the sweetest, most diligent person ever. They're both kinda similar, ie: having a younger sibling and started working right after graduating high school. In other words they're simply lonely souls deprived of a partner so I guess they met under the right circumstance. 

?/10 story
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7/10 overall
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