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Paramour - Part 2

Feb 23, 2021

OK yes the ending kinda ended all too sudden BUT one thing's for sure and that's Dori is adorable AS FUDGE here. He & chef Kim aren't official but they showed signs of it. There were also characters from serene bird & blood link making a cameo, same universe. Part 2 is basically about Merry discovering the truth behind Sooho's pledged "sacrifice" and being caught in the middle of a war between Sooho and his crazyass mom. Them living tgt at the end is guaranteed but you won't feel satisfied as we dk whatever the hell happened to the mom, the baby, Dori's plans for uni????, ETC. Sooho sweetie, dumping all the work on your assistant & abandoning your career at the same time for a life in Korean Hawaii island is abit much doncha think

?/10 story
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5.5/10 overall
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