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Heart Silent

Feb 22, 2021

Dun read it if you dun like rushed endings and plot holes. The story's about Hyeon Jin a high school guy whose heart can't beat but goes doki doki whenever he's near Chan Hyung. There's legit no explanation to how Hyeon was born with that condition, even they mentioned how this shit is impossible in the webtoon; regardless impossible phenomenons can be solved metaphorically if you don't apply logic to them... and that's how they deal with it in the ending, in an effing rushed fashion that is. Anyhow be on the lookout for that generic overprotective relative which happened to be Hyeon's uncle, the fella only knows how to whine because his years of research was beaten by Hyeon's romantically biased heart, literally 

?/10 story
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4.1/10 overall
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