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shyshadow20 Oct 1, 2018

Noticed your comment on Anya (Yuri on Ice)'s character page asking people to explain how they can like her. Well, heres your reasoning, plain and simple:

1. Shes got a sense of humor. She plays scared when Yurio shouts at her, instead of letting his childish attitude get to her. 

2. She is loyal and supportive. Im personally not a fan of JJ, but watching her encourage him during the episode when he basically self destructs was touching, mostly because of the sheer loyalty, care and bravery she shows, standing up, shouting his name, cheering for him, not worrying about what anyone thinks (like the part when she stands up and starts a chant of JJs name when hes at his lowest). Any man (or woman) would be lucky to have that kind of spouse. 

3. She puts up with JJ, despite his super punchable, egoistic self, she loves him. And if you think about it, someone has to love that. 

Have a good one. :)

ThiccMight Sep 14, 2018

Some yaoi fans can be pretty messed up. I bet his fans are the same people who unironically watch Boku no Pico and Papa to Kiss in the Dark.

KurokoTetsuya16 Oct 21, 2017

Hi!U are fan of yaoi anime right?if u are i suggest u to watch Junjou Romantica,Sekaiichi Hatsukoi n Love Stage...all of that anime is Yaoi animes btw do u have any yaoi anime u need to suggest?

Sianeka May 7, 2017

Hi! Glad you’ve found a-p!!  I hope you have been having fun here. ^_^

Did you know that the Forum is now open again to all members?  You should check it out - it’s a great place to meet other anime fans and get involved on the site! Forum link (or just click on Forum link under Community at the top of any page.) *smile*

masquerade817 Apr 10, 2017

Hello and Welcome to Anime Planet! Hope you enjoy your stay here! ^_^

If you need any help on how to go about the site or you just want to talk about anything, feel free to drop a comment! ^_^