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Shugo Chara Party!

Oct 25, 2015

Ok, I honestly enjoyed Shugo Chara.  It had a pretty good story, likeable characters, and nice animation.  However, Shugo Chara Party!! is honestly terrible.  


Ok, so the story wasn't that different from the others.  They are still about defeating X Eggs and finding your true self.  HOWEVER, the main problem with Shugo Chara Party that I had was this:  The first 11 or so minutes.  Literally, it had NOTHING to do with anything.  It was just an 11 minute sequence of the characters doing nothing.  All the Charas were doing nothing.  Literally, nothing that had to do with the plot or to move the story along.  So that basically gave about 10 minutes for an episode to actually happen.  And still, I believe that it didn't have enough time to actually do the episode.  And with that, what exactly do you have?


I still find the animation highly likeable.  The art style was refreshing, and it did a good job of animating the characters.


I hate the openings and endings.  These endings annoy the hell out of me.  They were very high-pitched and annoying.  Plus, I don't like the fact that they have living people dancing to these themes for an anime.  You should show the characters, not these people shoved in costumes.  The other sound was eh, I felt like it could do better.


Ok, the only ones I found likeable in this season were Utau, Kukai, Ikuto (even though he was there for like 1 episode, he was still one of the best characters in the season in my opinion), and Amu.  The others were average/halfway decent, but the problem I had are the two new characters:

Rikka: To be honest, she was flat out annoying.  She was way too energetic.  I mean, maybe if she were a bit more mellow I could have grown to like her, but she isn't.  Also, she is way too nice.  She has no mean side or anything to me.  I have never noticed a time where she was really that mean.  Also, her character transformation reminded me WAY too much about Amu and Dia's transformation.  I mean, it's practically like they just took Amu's transformation and put Rikka in it instead.

Hikaru: His personality....What personality? He is just so bland.  I just couldn't enjoy this character.  He was bored me to death.  I actually thought about going to watch Starry Sky when he was on the screen.


 The did not enjoy this anime, and I don't really recommend it.

2/10 story
7/10 animation
2/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall

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RockyDash Dec 13, 2016

I agree, I got bored of it very quickly.