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noodlesncheese Mar 22, 2024

Thank you for the follow! I followed you back.

XxZeroeZxX Sep 27, 2023

Hello Yaki ^_^

Sorry, I wanted to properly reply to your previous comment... And I've been so busy over the last month or so ugh -_-

Anyways, I hope you're doing well now that your back in school... I heard stupid covid might be picking back up again, my wife and I are getting our booster shots this weekend, I'm so sick of shots now fr lol

Outside of being generally busy with work tho, I've been doing well actually... It was my birthday weekend not long ago (which never happens, I feed like my birthday always falls on like a random Tuesday or something lol) and we had a fun time. On my actual birthday (which was Friday) we walked around the city center a bit and had dinner in Chinatown and this Japanese restaurant we really like. They specialize in rice bowls which is a bit unique cause most Japanese places here in the US either do ramen or sushi.

Then on the weekend, we drove down to Newport, which isn't terrible far from us I think about an hr and a half drive? They have a bunch of these really classy mansions from back in the late 1800s/ early 1900s which totally feel out of place here, it more like the old chateaus you see in France, so that was fun... we also had brunch at this beautiful restaurant that was right on the water, it almost felt like you were eating on a fancy boat haha

And this past weekend, we did another activity that we really enjoy, we went to the orchards to go apple picking! It's the tail end of the season, but the apples from the orchards are always so much better that at the grocery store... We just hav A LOT of apples we need to eat now lol

I can show u some pics next time I'm on Discord :)

They continued Two and a Half Man after Charlie Sheen? Why even bother, they should've just canceled the show lol

Lolol I see, I feel like that's the experience with a lot of online games outside the major titles like you said GTA online or something like WoW or whatever... and I could never be so coordinated with other people to do raiding parties and such things haha

I heard that Zom:100 show was really really popular, I hardly watch those sorts of things tho... The season is ending this week, so I did actually just wrap up the Forgetting Glasses Girl show. It was very cute and silly, especially in the 1st half or so (the planes flying overhead all the time were friggin hilarious) but I feel like it died down the last few eps which was a shame. The last ep was pretty good, especially if they use it to setup for a 2nd season down the line, cause it gives some unexpected backstory, but as in typical anime fashion, we'll see if and when that ever happens lol.

Helck was the opposite, it admittedly started kinda meh, but I friggin lov the direction they're going now. It's a good mesh of silly and ridiculous while also building a cohesive story. It's not the action show that I'm sure most people were expecting, it's way more character-drive whic is more my speed, but all the same I wouldn't be surprised if it does end up having a bit more action in the 2nd half (it's a 2-cour so they're halfway thru now).

For the new upcoming season, I know there's one big show I've had tagged for a while which is Frieren... There are some others on the radar, but I've been looking forward to that for a long time now, hopefully it's good :)

ilyanime Aug 13, 2023

Hi HI :))

I just got off my flight and the next day will be my school orientation :’)) very nervous and kinda excited…mostly nervous. Im really hoping that Im able to get at least some of the classes that I need (basically science and math classes lol) but because my time was at a later date that will mostly be unlikely :(( I found out that I had to take stats and physics again (my worst 2 subjects) and now im just sad sad.

Glad to hear that everything is okay :)) 3 languages??? And you’re taking a minor?? Good luck!! Oof hoping to see more people sign up!!

LOL but still you should be given credit for that late assignment that you turned in >:(( You’re so lucky to have fail/pass classes 😭i wish i still have those lol lol. I was dying at 2 community college classes so idk how I would feel if I take on 4 uni classes :’)) 

I think I should really learn how to study properly cause all I do is look at my notes and call it a day :’)) I suck at English especially writing essays so you just writing a bunch of “nonsense” and still getting a good grade makes me envious just a little bit :’)) Lets hope to another successful academic year! 🥳

LOL I just spam the buttons and go on my gacha games. No thinking just clicking and wishing on pretty character banners. Its been a while where I play those games and you need like to watch ads/download something for free games and prizes lol lol. I remember playing this designer store when I was younger and it got too big to the point where I had like 3 stories lol lol. Ah good times

Oooh sounds great!! Im more interested in the Zom 100 thing so I’ll add it to my watchlist.

Good luck in college and I hope you are doing well! Have a good day/night!!

omg Im gonna be your 400th comment :0

XxZeroeZxX Aug 4, 2023

Multitasking is a good skill to hav ;)

Who knew the Red Dead series had an online game now, I guess everything goes that way... Hopefully its not terrible like ESO or Fallout 76 lol

Yeah Newgrounds was edgy way back when, perfect for angsty teenagers... I assume that site just doesn't exist anymore lol

Well its nice that your on break at least! I've been out of school for so many years now, and collectively over that time I doubt I've had an equivalent number of days off to like one summer vacaton lolol... It's sad really we hav to work so much to make living

Life is so expensive in the US, so annoying -_-

Lolol that an interesting fight-or-flight reflex... I don't think the Discord goblin is gonna jump out an attack you >_<

So hav u been watching any anime lately? I'm watching 2 shows from the current season, Helck and that other show where the girl always forget her glasses (which is so f'ing hilarious lolol)

XxZeroeZxX Aug 1, 2023

Haha no worries, I figured u were busy ^_^

What PS4 games do you play? :O

I haven't played console games in forever... I used to be an RPG person, specifically Elder Scrolls/ Fallout haha

Yeah I absolutely hate typing on my phone... and yet I text people all the time and get upset at the autocorrect all the time -_-

I've also been using my online name for a long time... It actually started all the way back in like the early 2000s when I used to play flash games online (you remember miniclip and newgrounds and all that? haha) I used to use variations of the name Xerxes. Then in more modern times I switch to Zero, which has the same sort of sound to it but is easier for most people to pronouce lol

Oh I see, very pale and cute then, yes yes ^_^

But teasing aside I get what your saying, sometimes when my Norwegian friend posts stuff on fb with her friends during the colder months some of them their face is so red it looks like they're bleeding... its amazing such paleness could exist lol

Yeah I'm kinda like that too, cause I'm very forgetful sometimes... so I'm always paranoid like where's my phone? what did I really need to get done today? what time is my next meeting? haha

Oh that's great then, around here since we're pretty close to the city you get some of the young urban people that are blasting music and stuff all the time, so annoying... idk how they don't go deaf

Well I wouldn't worry about the classes, I'm sure whatever you set your mind to is the way to go, and that you'll get where you wanna go... at least thats my philosophy ^_^

Lolol I see, well you don't need to worry about that... I also only use those things for texting, I just find it a lot easier than going back-and-forth in the comment box, and to know when you're online :D

My Discord is justzero4976, u can add me anytime :)