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Maybe one day I write something about myself but for now, just enjoy my favorite characters from Kimetsu no Yaiba & Jujutsu Kaisen.


Currently studying my first year at University, I originally graduated from polytechnics/University of applied sciences (they mean absolutely same in my country) back in 2016 and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Administration. Now I'm currently majoring in Saami Culture. 








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I don't read manga from online, I buy physical copies and last time I counted them (sometime around '20 Christmas, I had almost 2,500 volumes, not counting doubles. My bookshelf is broken, so I have no idea how much and nowadays have, since they all are in cardboard boxes.

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Sirscaredyclaude Jun 1, 2023

Thanks for responding and I gotta check out Galaxy Express 999 some time (my younger self did promise to watch it).

Thanks for reminding me also.

By the way, I'll be reading various manga until Macross movies get released worldwide.

Sirscaredyclaude May 26, 2023

Hello miss! So what do you love most about Leiji Matsumoto?

SleepySpaceCowboy Apr 15, 2023

Thanks for the follow!Apex anyone | Apex Legends

ilyanime Mar 25, 2023

Hi Hi no worries on the late reply lol lol. Im also quite busy so Im sorry for the late reply as well! So far nothing much really happened to me, just trying to catch up on school work and keeping up with the seasonal animes! You? Are you doing okay?

Oh gosh i'm sad to hear that the library plan didn’t work :’) I can’t imagine having a larger manga collection than the library…thats like :0000. BUT GRAMMAR WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. Im sure you have probably noticed by now but my grammar sucks despite being native lol.

I really don’t like family gatherings just cause I feel like everyone is moving towards their life and im just here like: yeahhh im still at school and going to a decent college soon (i would say its pretty good tho compared to the colleges that my cousins go to its like not as prestigious or impressive) so its kinda like a mini competition? How often do you have family gatherings? I live with my auntie and shes the one that usually hosts the parties….which means I’ll have to clean up after them -_-

Waaa i really hope it snows sometime soon. It used to be very rainy and windy…heck it got so cold while it was raining that some snow actually covered the mountains/hills (very rare). Now its just really cold in the morning and really hot in the afternoon….i would wear like a skirt or maybe even those overall dresses but because its very cold in the morning :’) Dry weather??? Oof same here and I also have dry lips as well -_- My lunar new year was okay, tho not as festive as previous years…maybe its because im older now so nothing really special or out of the ordinary happened. How was yours?

Bye bye and have a good day/night!! <3

Morgiana26 Mar 20, 2023

Thanks , nice to meet you !