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Mar 19, 2019

Bro honestly this is the coolest Gmod game mode I've ever played. The graphics look so good that it's almost like it was made by a big anime studio. The mouth animations don't match up with the subtitles and makes it seem that they're speaking a different language than English, like Japanese or something. Most of the NPCs can be asshats or just plain dumb, but some of them are aight. The love interest was pretty dull and boring almost like they thought up some generic female character and slapped it in the code. One of the only good NPCs was that one guy with the mechs, but he got barely any screen time so that got me kind of disappointed. The citizen get in the way all the damn time. Sometimes it makes me think that i'm supposed to shoot the citizens and not the monsters. It'd be cool if there was a setting that wouls turn the citizens off or make the player invisable to them, but that's just me. The story is a little mixed up and hard to understand, but you dont need to have a compelling story when the game is fun right? The items are so cool, but some might be a little out of place. The knives and swords are pretty dumb, and it's annoying how you have to use them. The guns are so cool and fell like they have power behind it. The way that they seem to increase the gravity arround the enemy and squish them is really cool, but the reload time and range aren't that good. It'd be cool if they could like blow up the target and spew guts everywhere, but again that's just me. The bikes are pretty cool but too seem to blow up all the time. The suits have a cool design but their effects and animation look kind of dumpy. And let's not forget those mechs. The big one might look like the stone samurai from Samurai Jack, but it was a fun as hell level to play, and the littler one was fun to dart around the map with. The monsters look they belong in doom in all their 90's monster creativity. And that final boss was a tough one! The first form was kinda fun after I realised I couldn't hit it. Then that one lady form was a tad bit too Lady-like for me, and I kept dying because it gets harder to play when you can only use one hand. Then that cthulu-looking form was the best fight of the game in the mech. Getting to fight in one of those big robots made me feel like I was in pacific rim. That bald form was hard to finish because he kept me on my toes the whole time. But Bro. That final form looked amazing and the fight was hard-fought with all those damn quick time events, but it felt satisfying after I beat him. Overall this was the most fun I've had playing a Gmod game mode dispite the glitches and bugs here and there. I would seriously recommend this to anyone who still plays and enjoys Gmod to this day.

6/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
10/10 overall
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