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Gotta keep the pills in me all because of my depression

City of the crescent, riding with a Smith & Wesson

Got a motherfucker guessing when i hit them with the blessing

Two shots to the dome, six shots in the chrome

All shot through your home, now thats a crime zone


$carecrow creepin with Uzi

Lucifer please come save me, throw crucifixes at my feet

Walking through the depths of hell

Watching as the ocean swell

Grey*59 thats Los Cartel 

Nothing but death in every cell

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kittybits Nov 17, 2019

Thanks for the warm welcome 💪I like the poem on your page.  Lot of feeling in it.

BriCatto063 Dec 25, 2018

from he message you left on my profile, I don't like kirito because I just don't like teh character, I'm quite tired atm, it's Christmas, so I can't be bothered giving a full explanition. Farewell, I'm off.

Halex Dec 16, 2018

Thanks for following!

FullmetalDragon Nov 7, 2018

Oh wow, yeah, so pretty far north XD Ah, nice, that sounds pretty interesting, I might check that out! Ah, no, I decided to stay out of the Goblin Slayer angst, too much for me XD It's kinda just a funny school life series. Tis good.