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TakashiNatsume Jun 2, 2020

Thanks, T^T

I haven't tried much Italian food but I can definitely say that I love making meatballs. They are just 👌👌👌

I believe my favorite type of food thus far is Chinese food, I just can't get enough.

TakashiNatsume Jun 1, 2020

Lol thanks

sorry about that I just needed someone to rant to since no one at my house takes me seriously

TakashiNatsume Jun 1, 2020

Actually, i am not hanging in there. In fact, I think I might go insane from staying in my house for so long. Social distancing is killing me and I MISS school which is a miracle in its self. Not to mention I've been getting a few corona symptoms so i think I should get tested. I'm anxious and not to far from a mental breakdown.


in other words I am 💯 percent fine, how are you?

oysoyboy May 30, 2020

Hi Shawn!

I really liked Okko's Inn! The characters were really wholesome and well-rounded, and the art was just gorgeous. The scenes with the food in it also made me have MUCH higher standards for food I see in real life now too LOLOL Another thing to mention is that, although I tend to not remember a lot of movie's soundtracks/OSTs, I felt Okko's Inn's soundtrack was particularly a stand-out. Getting a little off-topic, but I tried to find the whole soundtrack online free to download, but sadly came up with nothing after a while of looking :(

Anyway, I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll leave my recommendation here in case you check it out!

Also, I hadn't heard of Seven Day Wars before you mentioned it! How did you like it btw and what's one thing that stood out to you about the movie (music, characters, animation, themes)?

And Beastars is seriously one of my favorite anime all-time. I also am really looking forward to Season 2! (I'm trying to keep myself from the manga to not get spoilers) What's your favorite character or even favorite moment from the anime btw?

jypsel May 30, 2020

Haha, I'm not sure energetic is the right word, but I've been trying to stay positive.  Sometimes, with everything going on, it's easy to descend into nihilism and anger. 

I honestly haven't heard of either of the anime you mentioned.  You mentioned they were part of the same world?  Or did I misread?

I've watched more anime during this quaratine than I did all of last year.  It's the first time that I've reached Level 1 on the challenges.  Fruits Basket would be one I'd recommend.  I also watched a movie called Maquia - When the Promised Flower Blooms.  Have you seen it? I thought it was simply gorgeous.