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OhieOtaku Jun 21, 2020

Long time no talk... Sorry... Some deadlines were knocking at my door... Btw i wanna know your fav anime series/movies & genres...? Also tell me something fancy/cool about YOUR life please? 

DON'T CLICK HERE!            

Gingagirl00 Jun 16, 2020

Don't worry about it!

I have been fine and finally summer break

I have doing the same as always watching anime or other kind of movies and more. 

I have started read more manga too by the way.

roseX3 Jun 4, 2020

Dealing with life, ha! How have you been ?

OhieOtaku Jun 4, 2020

You really know enough about digital artists' life 😑 😅

and about the adventure 🤔 you sure are having a peaceful and adventurous life 😂💜😂 not like my one 🤣