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Hi~ Nice to meet you guys! My name is XxShenQingQiuxX, but some call me Hua Cheng (or Hua~)...Open The Sky — all the new hua cheng emoji in HD ❤️ feel free to...

I love reading many genres but some are: BL, Romance, Fantasy, Historical, and Action.

Below are some of my favourite reads (if you haven't read them, maybe give them a try....who knows you might end up liking them):

Kiss the Abyss screenshotUnintentional Love Story screenshotThe DictatorTale of the Yellow Dragon screenshotROSES ET CHAMPAGNE - (V.F.) 01Magic SoupKami-sama no IutooriHeaven Officials Blessing screenshotThe Master of Diabolism screenshotTherapy Game screenshotSecret XXX screenshotKami-sama x Ore-sama x Oyome-sama screenshotThe Water Dragon’s Bride반야가인 (개정판) - BL 웹툰 - 리디For You Who Grieves


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xxNEETxx Jul 13, 2022


Sorry for the late response.  So sorry to hear that you have school again. When are you going to take a break? So what are you taking?

I inherited quite a few penpals from you, so thanks! I don't remember all their names at the moment. I can barely remember yours, seeing how you keep changing it! JK.

I did finish To Be or Not To Be. So sad. It's a good ending. Abrupt, because there's several other side stories. I might have to read it again.

Right now I'm reading Phoenix Nirvana. And it's really good. I don't know how you feel about this specific genre? I guess I would call it the Regretful ML genre. Basically, the ML appears to be a douche or he takes the MC for granted. Then he loses her and has to crawl through glass to get her back. It's one of those. I don't know why I read them, the MC always goes back. Maybe it's the angst. Maybe because I really want the ML to suffer.

In general, I try to stay away from dystopian anything. So depressing. The only exceptions are zombie books and Walking Dead. I used to really be fascinated by zombies. Not so much anymore. They used to be very popular, before Twilight came out.

I don't understand Chinese fashion. It's so different from Western fashion. Powder blue is not a good look m'kay? It hasn't been since the 70's before I was born! There's this Wang Yibo video I saw. He was wearing a woman's Chanel blazer. That was a good look. I will look for the link. Love the song. I told you about it. It's from that show he was in with Sean. Sorry, I am kinda brain dead right now. Names .... just aren't there.

Try to get some time off, mkay? Have a good day and night!

redjello08 Jul 10, 2022

hello! i see that u like bl so here are a few reccomendations

Hallelujah Baby

Tashiro-kun, Kimi tte Yatsu wa

Perfect Propose

Have a nice day/night too

Sleepynim Jul 10, 2022

Great to see you're doing good! 

Oooh my personal favorite character from SVSSS is Liu Qingge and Airplane bro lol, how about you? Out of all of MTXT work which is your favorite so far? 

Hooe you have a great day/evening/nigh! 

hualianslv Jul 3, 2022

I'm glad to know that!

Have you been reading or watching something recently?

Today I was watching Tgcf donghua for the 11th time, lol, guess I like it a lot.

Have a good day/night too!

redjello08 Jun 26, 2022

Im good :)) Thank u for asking, how r u?

No problem, thanks for following back

My favourite character is Kou :DD

You too!