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Hi~ Nice to meet you guys! My name is XxShenQingQiuxX, but some call me Hua Cheng (or Hua~)...Open The Sky — all the new hua cheng emoji in HD ❤️ feel free to...

I love reading many genres but some are: BL, Romance, Fantasy, Historical, and Action.

Below are some of my favourite reads (if you haven't read them, maybe give them a try....who knows you might end up liking them):

Kiss the Abyss screenshotUnintentional Love Story screenshotThe DictatorTale of the Yellow Dragon screenshotROSES ET CHAMPAGNE - (V.F.) 01Magic SoupKami-sama no IutooriHeaven Officials Blessing screenshotThe Master of Diabolism screenshotTherapy Game screenshotSecret XXX screenshotKami-sama x Ore-sama x Oyome-sama screenshotThe Water Dragon’s Bride반야가인 (개정판) - BL 웹툰 - 리디For You Who Grieves


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xxNEETxx Nov 4, 2022


How's things? Not much going on for me right now. Sorry you didn't do anything for Halloween.We didn't either. It was just another day. On Friday night we had sushi. That was our early celebration. Nobody trick or treat in our complex. I think they go to the mall.

Yes, the Chinese government expects celebrities to be the poster children for the CCP. No immoral behavior. Don't be too Westernized. Guys can't look effeminate. Kpop is the enemy. I'm not sure what they have against plastic surgery, TBH. Maybe they don't want people to look too Westernized? Anyways, I saw an old picture and a new picture of Wang Yibo and it looks like he got a nose job. I don't begrudge him. I would get one too, if I had the money.  Would you get anything done? I desperately want to get Lasik because my eyes are so bad. I can't even wear contacts anymore. Sigh.

 Is it true that Justin Trudeau is or was having an affair with a school teacher? I read it on a trashy gossip site.

 There's a new season of Big Mouth out. I love that show.

Well, take it easy. Have a wonderful weekend!

xxNEETxx Oct 23, 2022


What's shaking?

Glad you are doing well.  Have you seen or read anything good?  For me...the answer is no.

Wang Yibo's recently released cop show: I guess he looks okay? He's not as dolled up and pretty as he used to. More of a natural look.  Probably because the government has that ban on pretty boys and anything that looks like Kpop.  I was reading that the Communist Party doesn't want their stars to look too fake anymore. They are blacklisting people that have a lot of plastic surgery.  People like Angela Baby. I've heard of her but never seen anything. They also don't like Wang Yibo. He had a nose job. Maybe that's why those rumors came out?

I don't think the rumors are true because how does he have all that time? Maybe he was an escort before he became very famous? I have no idea.

I really want to watch that Dylan Wang show but I am too lazy to read the subtitles. I'm hoping that Netflix will dub it.

Any plans for the upcoming weekend or Halloween? We are having sushi.

Well, take care of yourself. Write when you are able and have a good Halloween!

xxNEETxx Sep 26, 2022


Did you hear about Wang Yibo? I don't buy it. How can he have time to do all that stuff??

Hope you are doing well!

KyumiCh Sep 25, 2022

Hello! I'm fine thank you for asking, hbu?

And thank you for following back, i appreciate it!

I've been playing Genshin since release. My favorite characters so far are: Zhongli, Hu Tao, Chongyun, Gorou, Tighnari and Scaramouche! Do you play Genshin as well?

I too wish you a very pleasant day/night!

xxNEETxx Sep 19, 2022


Nice to hear from you! Hope things are going well. Sorry to hear you're so busy. I'm keeping busy too. It's hot over here but cooling down. I have been sleeping in the living room because it's really hot all summer. I do that every year. Now I'm too lazy to go back.lol

I haven't started any new manga. Just reading the same ones. I haven't watched anything recently either.

Did you know Adrian Wong from that Meteor Park has a new show on Netflix? He is the Demon King? Haven't seen it yet. But he looks very hot. Also Wang Yibo has a cop show on YouTube. It has Chen Xiao, who looks really hot in costume dramas. He looks very grungy in this one. Not a good look.

So what are you up to these days? Try not to be stressed out. I know that this is trying time.

Have a wonderful week!