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Hi~ Nice to meet you guys! My name is XxShenQingQiuxX, but some call me Hua Cheng (or Hua~)...Open The Sky — all the new hua cheng emoji in HD ❤️ feel free to...

I love reading many genres but some are: BL, Romance, Fantasy, Historical, and Action.

Below are some of my favourite reads (if you haven't read them, maybe give them a try....who knows you might end up liking them):

Kiss the Abyss screenshotUnintentional Love Story screenshotThe DictatorTale of the Yellow Dragon screenshotROSES ET CHAMPAGNE - (V.F.) 01Magic SoupKami-sama no IutooriHeaven Officials Blessing screenshotThe Master of Diabolism screenshotTherapy Game screenshotSecret XXX screenshotKami-sama x Ore-sama x Oyome-sama screenshotThe Water Dragon’s Bride반야가인 (개정판) - BL 웹툰 - 리디For You Who Grieves


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LailanD Feb 6, 2023

Hello, nice to hear from you. 

Ooh I realize someone has been stalking me over a-p XD jk I'm doing erm... fine? Yeah, a bit ^^ I don't know when I'll be back because two certain things are holding me back (one of which is studies) and other is.. sorry to say but being honest, I don't feel like coming back atm. Thanks a lot for reminding me of the anniversary! TwT I totally forgot about it wuu... I'll definitely be back on 12th 

Have a warm day 🌻

xxNEETxx Feb 4, 2023

Greetings! How's things? 

Are you done with testing and applications? At any rate, I am sure you will do well!

Absolutely nothing has changed since I last wrote. So sorry that I nothing interesting to write. It's still cold here.

I heard that Justin Trudeau's wife has been wanting a divorce and has been seeing other people. Is this true? A few months ago, I heard he was seeing the children's teacher. Dunno if that is true either.

Those are pretty boring rumors if you ask me.  No offense.

Did you know that a large portion of the American population believes that Hilary Clinton and the Democrats are pedophiles and like to eat babies? Millions of children are being kidnapped and hidden underground! They're called mole children. Cuz, you know, they are underground. Then the Dems torture them and harvest adrenochrome from the kids' spines!

Also, JFK Jr isn't dead. He's alive.  We got some weirdos living here.

I'm sorry to say that I still haven't seen or read anything interesting. What about you? I purchased the book Outlander, but haven't read it yet.

I still want to watch that Dylan Wong show, Fairy and Demon in Love. But don't want to read subtitles. I'm so lazy.

Hitler didn't have any children. But he had a niece. That he did terrible things too.  Sexual things. She killed herself. He also had a German Shepherd. He took the poor thing with him to the bunker. He loved animals and was vegan.  Crazy, huh? I think he might have some cousins that are alive, but they probably don't brag about it.

I been watching a lot of YouTube videos about scientologists. It's that cult Tom Cruise is in.  Maybe you have heard of them? They believe that this alien warlord enslaved a whole bunch of aliens. Then he brought them to Earth and trapped them in a volcano. The spirits of these aliens attached themselves to humans and are the cause of negative emotions. Anyways, they have 3 important bases in my region. One in Hollywood where all the stars go. One in Hemet a few hours away from where I used to live. That's the main base. And they have this top secret base in the mountains. I dunno if you ever saw the South Park episode about scientology, but it's pretty funny and accurate. I think it's called Tom Cruise Comes Out of the Closet.

Anyways I hope you are doing well. Take care and have a good weekend!

xxNEETxx Jan 20, 2023


How are you? Long time no see! Are you doing well? No worries on the delayed message.

I'm lagging myself. It's very cold and wet here in California. This makes me sleepy. Imagine a turtle that's upside down. That's me.

Seen or watched anything good recently? Haven't watched a lot of memorable anime. Though I did find this Chinese anime that's pretty funny. Can't remember the name though.

You have Netflix? I been watching this funny show called Never Have I Ever. Ever heard about it? It's about this nerdy high school girl. Her family is from Sri Lanka. Since I was a nerdy Asian girl I could kinda relate. Except I was never in a love triangle. Not did I have boyfriends. The MC kinda goes back and forth.  It's written by Mindy Kaling, if you know who she is. Anyways, I haven't finished it yet but I recommend it.

Did you do anything for the New Year? I did nothing. Lunar New Year  is coming up and I am really excited about that. It's my favorite holiday.

Maybe you'll find this funny, since you're Canadian. But I recently learned that Justin Trudeau is the love child of the late Fidel Castro, dictator of Cuba. Learned about it on the conspiracy subreddit on Reddit.  I practically died laughing. Last time they said the former Chancellor of Germany was Hitler's long lost daughter.  

Anyways, take care of yourself and stay in touch when you can!

Btseyhun Jan 2, 2023

Hello happy new year ! Thank you for the follow aswell :)

I am fine thank you how are you :)  Where you from ? Have a great day/night :)

xtartagliax Dec 5, 2022

Hello I'm fine thank you how about you?

Thanks for following me back

I hope you have a good day/night as well