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Hello Anime Loverz

        Natsu smile, oh my god I cant handle this its too cute I think I ...  

                                                                                                                                  I apologize in advance for the long bio. 😓 

                                                              First, let's start with some of my favorite k-pop music videos







Also, don't forget to check out My Pace from Stray Kids. And also if you can, finish watching these videos. I love them and I hope you love and enjoy them too.

Achievements for One Piece

100 ✅🤸🏾‍♀️

200 🔒

300 🔒

400 🔒

500 🔒

600 🔒

700 🔒

800 🔒

900 🔒

                                                                                                  Favorite Animes

FaIrYtAiLImage result for fairy tail gifs  My Hero Academia

Demon Slayer   Tsurezure Children Image result for tsurezure children gifs


Haikyuu                     Hunter x Hunter  

One Punch Man                   Noragami 


 Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Squad GIF by Funimation - Find & Share on GIPHY                       The Promised NeverlandFav Co Character | The Promised Neverland Amino



Doraemon Image result for doraemon gifs        Scissor Seven scissors seven | Tumblr | Seventh, Scissors, Drawing challenge  

The Great Pretender What's so exciting about Great Pretender – Animation: Art in Motion Soul Eater Pin on Soul eater


Black Clover Top 30 Black Clover Episode 8 GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

If yall have Webtoon here are some suggestions

Ghost Wife  Image result for ghost wife webtoonThe Boxer   Weak Hero  

Winter Woods  Good Day to Be a DogA GOOD DAY TO BE A DOG” – THEORETICAL DRAMA CASTING! [to feed my thirst of  anticipation] – coffee, tea or dear ami  Waffles and PancakesImage result for waffles and pancakes webtoon 

Clinic of HorrorsImage result for clinic of horrors webtoon My Giant Nerd BoyfriendImage result for my giant nerd boyfriend webtoon  Freaking RomanceImage result for freaking romance webtoon  

Ghost Teller   (The links when you click them will take you to the webtoon website, so you can read it. :D)


                                                                                                     Favorite Characters

 Haikyuu~ Yamaguchi Haikyuu!! | Yamaguchi uploaded by Tiuku on We Heart It           Haikyuu ~ Fukunaga season 4 episode 18 → fukunaga shouhei              My Hero Academia ~ Ochaco Uraraka HhhnnggghBanana Fish~Bones

    Hunter x Hunter ~ Canary Pin by PervyKamen on Work of Art | Anime, Black anime characters, Anime  characters  The Promised Neverland ~Phil73194 || The Promised Neverland • Ray X Reader | Anime child, Anime,  Neverland


Jujutsu Kaisen ~ Inumaki Toge Épinglé sur Anime & Manga   Naruto~ Hinata Hyuga Hyuuga hinata GIF on GIFER - by Shakak


Royal Tutor ~ Kai von Glanzreich oushitsu kyoushi haine, Kai von Glanzreich | Royal tutor, Anime, Blue  springs ride HoriMiya ~ Shuu IuraChopper is literally so precious

My Hero Academia~Denki Kaminari   Denki kaminari gif quirk | Human pikachu, My hero, HeroMy Hero Academia~Manga Fukidashi  11 Manga Fukidashi ideas | manga, my hero, my hero academia

My Hero Academia ~ Shihai Kuroiro Shihai Kuroiro - Album on Imgur   Attack on Titan ~ Marco Bodt Imagine Greater — Marco Bott x Female Reader: Eternal Love

Black Clover ~ Luck Voltia wattpad #fanfic I don't see many of these, so I thought I could create one.  Characters that'll I'll include: ~Asta ~Fuegoleon … | Black clover anime,  Anime, Clover Black Clover ~ Gordon AgrippaGordon agrippa - Album on Imgur

Black Clover ~ Nash アスタ Asta on Twitter: "I think Nash will become a dope magic knight  #BlackClover… " Soul Eater ~ Crona Pin on Idk if I can deal

Black Clover ~ Mimosa Vermillion  Pin on Anime Aesthetic Demon Slayer ~ Zenitsu Agatsuma Zenitsu GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Black Clover ~ Henry Legolant 7 Henry Legolant ideas | black clover anime, black bull, black cover Death Note ~ Touta Matsuda Matsuda Touta and Ryuk by TrippyHippyJinx on DeviantArt

Tokyo Revengers~Nahoya Kawata(Smiley)Tokyo Revengers Nahoya Kawata GIF - Tokyo Revengers Nahoya Kawata -  Discover & Share GIFs Tokyo Revengers~Souta Kawata(Angry)




                                                                                                            Favorite Op's and Ed's

Wind(ed) ~ Naruto                           SnowFairy(op) ~ Fairytail          

 Gurenge (op) ~ Demon Slayer  Unravel(op)~ Tokyo Ghoul 

Shock (ed) ~ Attack On Titan  Lost In Paradise (ed) ~ Jujustu Kaisen


No.7(op)~Toilet-Bound Hanako-kunTiny Light~Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun 

Never Say Never (op)~ Danganronpa the Animation (The Monokuma sexy dance 😂)

Footprints(ed)~ My Hero Academia Pink Blood (op)~ To Your Eternity 


Dream On(ed)~Life Lessons with Uramichi OniisanWild Side(op)~Beastars 


So now y'all know a little about me. Thanks for stumbling upon this page. And I say bye Loverz.

Kakashi Waving

 (Credit to those who own all the GIFs and pictures 😁)

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