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Hi~ Nice to meet you guys!

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As you can see, I'm into Yaoi, but I'm mostly into anything with romance! Please recommend me your favourites, if you want to! I'd really be grateful! I really want to read more good manga, and watch great anime!

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AnimeDebutante Dec 5, 2021

Girl, you crack me up! You rock!

I'm only a little familiar with Tamil. My boyfriend knows more about it as he is from Singapore and he teaches Southeast Asian Literature. I guess there are many Sri Lankan people there.

Unfortunately for me I don't speak or read Chinese, so I can not read any of the BL manhuas that aren't available in English. I've heard of some people teaching themselves how to read Korean or Chinese just so they can read comics. Those people are...devoted.

I am too lazy to boot up my laptop so I use my tablet to read. It really strains my eyes though. I like hard copy. Maybe I should go to the library too. But I am so lazy and can't be bothered. I try to get everything delivered if I can. My boyfriend pays for it. Ha ha. Get a good boyfriend when you grow up.

I also don't mind if one guy is more feminine than the other. Don't know what the big deal is?

I just finished a large novel. 1300 pages. Don't know what to read next. The latest installment of Dictator is awesome. Also read the latest on the Tyrant's Secretary on mangagogo. Where do you read yours?

Is it winter break yet? Reading anything?

We are going to shutdown because of covid starting on Monday in southern California. I hope you will be safe wherever you are!

AnimeDebutante Dec 3, 2021

What's up? Sorry again about slow reply. You know what a laggard I am. Not that that's a good excuse or anything. Same for me. Thanksgiving is just another day. It's only the 2 of us, so no bother having a turkey. We had Chinese food. Cuz we're Chinese. 

Dammit. I can go on all day about Dictator and how much I love reading it. The most recent episode was awesome. I just wish the author did a little research about the Middle East. Oman is supposedly a really nice, peaceful country. They really just should have used a fictional country.

I own a kindle but I prefer hard copy. However, if you want to explore different genres kindle unlimited is the way to go. The have all kinds of books you can read for $10 a month. Like crazy shit. Dinosaur porn. How to be a pimp. Junk like that. They also have useful stuff, but I am sure you can guess where my tastes lay. Ha ha. I don't recommend anything that has a lot of graphics or photos, though, because they just don't look nice. Everything is in black and white. Kindles are designed for people who read a lot. So it doesn't hurt your eyes. Do you read with tablet or computer? I use a tablet and it majorly strains my eyes.

I started with shonen ai and romance before I got into yaoi. I got into shonen ai because I liked some of the mystery-based plots.

I haven't seen many BL with polygamy, although I have seen group sex. I have seen some stories where a ML is beginning to fall in love, but he might be in denial so he will sleep with a whole bunch of people. That's okay. But once he's committed, I don't like cheating.

I admit to a double standard, though. One time I read a book about a woman with 2 men. She loved both men and the guys were friends and were willing to share. That was totally fine. If it were a guy and 2 ladies, I wouldn't like it. What do you think. It's fine if think I am weird. ;-)

Do you mind if one guy is more feminine? I know some women don't like that but I don't know why exactly?

Happy Friday!

loneraider Nov 29, 2021

Eh, idk how I am lol. Mum took away our laptops again havent got them back replying from a phone I sneaked on, how r u? Hope everything is good.

Have a great day/night! 

loneraider Nov 26, 2021

Perform on stage? *faints* i always hate going on stage, once the school was making everyone do speechs and the one with best speech reads it out in the assembly like i would ever be able to write the best speech lol i had no idea what to write about anyway, but just incase i leaned on the whiteboard behind me while i was forced to read it out loud in class so i can get points deducted XD.

Most books i have are just kiddish ones u can read in less that 2 minutes, and the rest is study ones there is only one novel called chinese cinderella interesting at first but not a book id read twice so yea its just lying in here. Hopefully i can get to buy any book i want, tnx :)

i remember the biggest novel i ever read was when i was 10 had over 500 pages it was about a dragon and was rlly interesting, i rlly loved it, but yea idk what my mom told my dad so he thought there was something bad in it cuz i kept rereading it, and he was too busy most of the time to read it so he threw it in the rubbish :(. I dont know why they think me at such a age will read a porn book so many times srsly? and i still wont.  The only thing i thought was bad in it just they where basically having a conversation and the midget was looking at the girl so she blew him a kiss so i scribbled over that part, dont think its that bad anyway not like theyr gonna have a relationship hes only few cm tall.

Have a good day/night!

AnimeDebutante Nov 23, 2021

Hello! Happy early Thanksgiving if you celebrate it!

Yeah, I don't want to buy a book I can't understand either. But if the original is available free, sometimes my browser has Google translate and you just hit the translate button. I only do that because there's a manga I really love and it's not finished yet, and I'm dying to know what happened. Sometimes I luck out and someone has already translated it. Weird hobby, but God Bless 'em! That's why I went searching for Tyrant's Secretary the novel. And yes in the manga they are getting ready to have the contest.

I'm reading Dictator, which the ML kinda reminds me of the emperor in Tyrant's Secretary. TBH it's hard to say why I like it exactly. Dude only tried to kill the MC 3 times or so, but it's hard to look away. I actually pay for it because it wasn't being updated regularly. If you're Middle Eastern you won't like it because of the stereotypes.

So you like the reincarnation series where they start over as kids?. I tried a couple but I got impatient. I like to see the romance so these types of manga look cute, but I can't.

As for parents, aren't they great? My ma let me read whatever I wanted and I got into some really crazy shit. It's turned me into the twisted perv you know today.

I'm tempted to buy the books but you can't buy just one, and of course I would want the hard copy not the ecopy. There's a kindle edition. Do you have one of those?

So how did you get into BL? What kind of semes do you usually like? I like really dominant semes. My favorite pairings are when both men are very masculine but the most masculine one is the bottom.