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Hi lonely anime loverz

  Natsu smile, oh my god I cant handle this its too cute I think I ...


CandyBel (Btw check out my sister's acct)

Here are some Kpop mv's I would HiGLy recommend you to watch.






Also, don't forget to check out My Pace from Stray Kids. And also if you can, finish watching these videos. I love them and I hope you love and enjoy them too.

And I've seen on YouTube about how many people don't like Jisoo in BlackPink, she's amazing and without her what is BlackPink so I would love if yall show a lot more love and appreciation. Thank you. :)

Next meh favorite AnImEs 

FaIrYtAiLImage result for fairy tail gifs   Boku No Hero Academia 

Food WarsImage result for food wars gifs  Tsurezure ChildrenImage result for tsurezure children gifs

BleachImage result for bleach gifs


If yall read mangas/manwhas here are some you should read

Ghost WifeImage result for ghost wife webtoon  Yumi's CellsImage result for yumis cells webtoon  Refund High SchoolImage result for refund high school webtoon 

Winter WoodsImage result for winter woods webtoon  As Per UsualImage result for as per usual webtoon  Doodle For FoodImage result for Doodle for food webtoon

Good Day to Be a DogImage result for good day to be a dog webtoon  Waffles and PancakesImage result for waffles and pancakes webtoon  Clinic of HorrorsImage result for clinic of horrors webtoon

My Giant Nerd BoyfriendImage result for my giant nerd boyfriend webtoon  Freaking RomanceImage result for freaking romance webtoon  Age MattersImage result for age matters webtoon

Oh, I have A Loooooootttttt More Favorites than this ;)

Now on to meh anime ShEps(In order)

NaLuImage result for nalu pictures      GruviaImage result for gruvia pictures      GaleImage result for gale pictures fairytail      JerzaImage result for Jerza pictures

IzuOchaImage result for IzuOcha pictures

So now yall know about MeEEEee. Zank you for stumbling upon this page. And I say bye Loverz.

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SakuraNowa Jul 8, 2020

Lol yea. Well I like talking to people and making friends so I would gladyly take my time to write this (since I also have nothing better to do except watch anime and read manga).

Oh Noragami....Old memories, well not really old but I watched it some time ago (still love both of the openings). Believe me you are gonna LOVE Demon slayer (well unless you don't like old japan kind of setting, then u not gonna like it so much).

I think I already said this but my all-time favorite Anime is Naruto with Fairy tail right behind. Naruto was like Fairy tail in your case, it was my first anime (well not counting Pokemon) and was also the starting point of my whole otaku life, Naruto will laways be in my heart. But Fairy tail isn't too far cause it's my second fav anime and also holds a special meaning to me. Well I would say that my whole life My favourite ship or OTP would be Naruto and Hinata, that is definitely on the top but I have some other favourites too, but it's gonna take a long time listing the cause I don't remember some of them (....lol). And If we are looking only at fairy tail then my fav ships are Nalu and Gale, I would say they are on the same level but I just like Nalu a tinyyy bit more.

Be waiting for a reply, Baiii. Oh and sorry I didn't ask much questions, Im a huge introvert and it's dificult to talk to people  on my own (unless we stay on 1 topic), but I hope that we can talk bout lots of things, anyway BYEEEEEE!!

SakuraNowa Jul 7, 2020

No not at all I also like rom-coms. I would recommend for the


-Kamisama Hajimemashita/Kamisama kiss (although it's more in the romance/shoujo/fantasy genre)

- Itazura na kiss (I would say this is a bit of a romantic classic. A lot of people don't like it but I really love this anime and would rewatch any time, well that's partly cause I used used to be and kind of still am a romance–anime obsessed freak).

- Skip beat

- Recovery of an MMO Junkie

and for the action/comedy:

Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer (this is a must watch I mean it won the title of "anime of the year" award, so I really reccomend it).

The devil is a Part-Timer (really great comedy/action....ighly recommend) 

myriad Colors Phantom World (atched this as a kid and found it pretty fun, a bit of ecchi in it and I also feel like this anime is a bit underrated).


I don't have an all time most favourite character since I love A LOT of characters, well I do really love Yato from noragami, but he is more of a husbando than a fav character and for the hated I would say Sasuke from Naruto.

What are your all time fav Anime and characters?

Yea, but I think that we will be able to become great friends.

SakuraNowa Jul 6, 2020


My all time fav anime are Naruto and Fairy tail, but I also like a few small shows (you can see on my account my highest rated anime). Well im gonna be unoriginal but honest and say BTS. I am mostly just an army, I mean I listen to other groups a lot too but bts would be the only group I really stan. Oh um I cant really straight off recommend something. Maybe you could give me a specific genre you want the anime to be, amount of eps (max and min), how old you ant the anime to be(for instance if you don't like really old shows or really new shows you can tell me) and stuff like that.

thanks for starting the convesation, I am an introvert so cant really make myself talk to people, anyway I'm glad we started talking to each other I hope e become friends.

SakuraNowa Jul 2, 2020

Hi.......um I dont really know what else to say. Lol haha

SakuraNowa Jun 17, 2020


another Anime/Kpop homie here!!!