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The best part of this show is how the dense Ayumu with his straight face would always be so blunt when flirting and complementing Urushi, making her squirm and blush. It made for some wholesome and funny moments in their adorable relationship. However, it did get kind of repetitive near the end. As it was always the same gag repeated with little variation. It was fine for 1 cour, but if this gets a S2 they will need to spice it up and add more variation or it will get old and boring.

If it does get that S2 it would be nice to see more of Sakurako x Takeru. Watching Sakurako control and tease Takeru was always a good time lol. They were a bit standalone(ish) for side characters at times and needed more involvement, but still a good pair. I would almost take a show just about them.

Overall it was a enjoyable watch, albeit nothing special. It still manages to keep you smiling the whole time with some decent characters, wholesome moments and lols.


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7/10 overall
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