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Xkatje Dec 25, 2019

 Also i really wanted to thank you for your explaination about how this site works! It really helped :)

Xkatje Dec 25, 2019

Hahaha okay i will! Thank you! 

And I wanted to say (to anyone that reads this xP): Merry Cristmas And a Happy New Year!

OddJobProdigy Aug 16, 2019

And yeah sword art is always fun :)

OddJobProdigy Aug 16, 2019

This site offers the ability to watch anime but not read manga, sorry. Anime planet has a sort of deal with Crunchyroll that allows them to put anime episodes on this site. Remember that not all anime is available to watch here and if you'd like some free alternatives, I can assist with that too. In order to figure out which anime you can watch, simply click on the anime to pull up it's "page" scroll down and if it says "watch anime online" with episodes underneath then you've got it ;)

Here is an example of an anime page that has episodes available to watch: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/if-its-for-my-daughter-id-even-defeat-a-demon-lord

 cute new show that seems to be popular right now....haven't seen it myself though XD

Xkatje Aug 16, 2019

Thank you for your comment on my profile! I was searching for episode 3 of Tokyo ghoul and thats when i ended up here, it said i could watch it here or something, but i can't find where or even if its possible on here. I guess they meant something else xD. Omg! I just saw Kirito in your characters list!!! 😍 omg that was an awesome anime =D.