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Favourite character in anime has to be Shouko Nishimiya. Love her and love A Silent Voice, my favourite anime movie by far. 

Sadest anime for me is Plastic Memories. This anime broke me, yes I'm a grown up and yes I cried..... ALOT. 

Unexpected anime I enjoyed was Quintessential Quintuplets. I Don't normally like the most popular characters but Miku.... Is Miku its hard not to love her definitely my favourite sister.

 Anime character that got treated badly in a romance anime that hurt the most was Ena Komiya. 

My Favourite AMVs









Some epic anime scenes/moments 


Minato Namikaze (Naruto Shippuden) 



Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)   


Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer) 


Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer) 


Shinobu Kocho (Demon Slayer) 


Mirai Kuriyama (Beyond the Boundary) 


Izumi Nase (Beyond the Boundary)  



I never considered myself apart of this community, I liked anime sure, back when I was at school but I was never completely into it, I did however use to enjoy it when I told people I liked anime, and they would say 'what's anime??? '  But when the popularity of anime increased it lost its appeal to me and I stopped watching for a long time. I've never been one for following the crowd I tend to be one that always likes the less popular things, and anime wasn't that popular back then (at least to my knowledge and from personal experiences). But one thing I didn't like was the stigma attached to anime fans and viewers, people who were and are uneducated to anime unfairly judging anime fans and attacking them and I never understood why. 

That is until I got back into anime (due to boredom and depression) and signed up to this site, now I understand the judgments, u see if anime fans themselves can't appreciate anime why should the uneducated. Never have I seen such anger, such hatred, such overly critical and such overly oppiniated attitudes to the media they claim to be a fan of. To me if u like anime u should support it in all its forms, (NOTE I am not saying u should like everything just because its anime) I am saying support it by being fair and open to all forms of story telling and characters. The amount of hate I have seen to characters especially is insane.

How old are the people on this site? giving death threats to a fictional character saying they should burn in hell or they shouldnt exist etc is a whole new level of stupidity I have never seen before (it's like everyone wants every character to be a badass, happy, kind individual and all anime to be about sunshine, happiness and rainbows) whenever an anime tackles a dark or difficult subject or whenever a character is portrayed with realistic personality flaws, people go insane and start crying. If u don't like a character fine u have every right to, just click the heart or broken heart and move along, stop wasting energy projecting anger on fictional characters (there are far worse things in the real world to be getting angry about, waste your energy tackling those things instead). 

Anime is supposed to be entertaining and fun, but it can also take the form of anything and thats great, it's an effective way of story telling where the writers should be free to tell the stories they want, but honestly with the so called anime fans or should I say anime dictators, I don't know why they bother. Honestly so much complaining and moaning (I say as I have just complained and moaned) its soo boring. Rant over I guess. 


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ClairIsHere4Manga Nov 24, 2022

I don't hate you I just like watching you suffer XD

Hi Xairyan! I'm late as ever-but for some good reasons ;-; 

Aw, that made my day! I missed you as well :>  

We could if you want, however I'm positive I won't be able to respond every day or every couple of days...especially now that the semester is almost over (aka....finals, oh the dread)

Totally auto correct ;) 

I'm glad you're reaching out to people and expanding your social circle, I'm quite inept at doing so myself, it's hard and difficult, but rewarding nonetheless. 

All I have is my work ;u; I'm like a very powered-from-caffiene machine haha

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHHHHHH I about died when I first read "U really like her... In what way?" My god if you knew her in real life. She's absolutely terrifying if I haven't made myself clear XD It's like a boss and worker relationship, fearing for your life at every turn but moving forward because the work is fufilling 

Your humour has been rubbing off on me...you're internet contagious (see? Bad unique humour) 

Thanks, I even tempted talking to the producers or my teacher about it, but decided to let it go. They're still my friends and frankly, I'm quite awkward in my broadcast journalism group, and only are comfortable around a certain number so i'll take what I can get. But I know now to never agree to do something like this again! :) 

I was bright eyed all day when I read "Of course u are the best actor, the best at everything in your class it seems. Ur the best actor but u prefer to be behind the scenes, I guess thats what u feel more comfortable with but i hope ur talent doesn't go to waste." Literally had me grinning from ear to ear. 

Actually, decided to revise the first 60ish pages, not exactly happy with them at the moment, but I don't know when I'll find the time to do that. 

You'd actually be very very very proud of me. Or not, but I'd assume a little. (You're not a huge fan, but you're still a brit so..) I've been brewing really good english breakfast. I start off with loose leaf english breakfast in one of those mini drainers that retain the tea but doesn't spread it in the water. Then, I brew water in an electric kettle and eventually pour into a medium size mug. This is usually how I ended it, but now I grab unsweetened almond milk and pour a splash on top. I can't resist, it tastes so good and warm and it's been pretty chilly now that winter's upon us. What do you think? Do you approve? Am I an honorary Brit?

Hmmm Grudge? Lights Out? I'll check it out! 

Sarcasm? Whaaaaat..Me? Never! ;) 

"I don't think I have ever tried coffee before." W-what-what! I live and breathe black coffee. I have 3 cups a day, usually a double shot espresso and over 5 green teas. (Now with a breakfast tea addition!) This is like a cry for help. This is bad. Very very bad. Go somewhere, anywhere, you honorary american and join the bandwagon of obsessed caffiene addicts like me. 

Okay so, 

I've been on break since Saturday, we have a week off, and in that time i've tried to shed down the constant piles upon piles of homework as well as volunteer. You know those mascots at Disneyland? Well i don't either since I haven't ever been but think of a dragon mascot that's huge and red and you've got me volunteering for 5 hours. Let's retrace our steps here. How did I get there? Well, it started months ago when I signed up, but then it really begins a couple days ago at urgent care. I was getting a tb test, as I volunteer at a children's hospital and it's a mandatory thing ever visit. I did have a tuberculosis scare though, since I reacted to it, becoming red on the injection spot and puffing, but a doctor looked and after contempliation I was in the clear. Anyways, the night of I don't sleep much. Waking up at 5 am isn't fun. Waking up and wearing uncomfortable clothes and driving an hour on the congested freeway isn't either. :( (I thought you'd need an emoji by now). :) :< ;) is that helping? Anyways.. Once we get to the pediatric hospital, which is in a very dangerous neighborhood might I add, we wait a little for services to arrive. Then, we went under the hospital and filled up cart after cart of thanksgiving baskets for the patients and their families. :)  These consisted of canned foods and other items because most of the patients can't afford to have a meaningful thanksgiving. It's quite heavy, as we drag 85 6.8 kilogram each baskets and games upstairs. 
Then, one of the services asks me if I can be "Ozzie," the mascot dragon, because I'm the right height ;-; a jab at my ego but I agree. Later, I'm in Ozzie after much assistance, and it's hot, sweaty, reeks of sweat, heavy, and the mascot head leans on your actual head and it's weight crushes you. After 5, yes, 5 hours of running around, I'm free. But, the highlight was hugging the little children and taking photos. It was very sweet and wouldn't change that for the world. Although some of the very littluns were afraid of me... ;0; 

My brother's been pretty upset with me. He's jealous, or frankly frightened of his ever tangible position as favorite. Which, i don't exactly care for, but my parents make it a habit of covering for him and blaming me for his downfalls or messes. It's a bit disheartening, but what can you do except focus on yourself?

I might want to be an environmental lawyer. I don't know. Some schools in Washington sound nice. But I've always wanted to be a writer, and maybe something in broadcast journalism or writing novels. It's been a long-time (very long-time) passion, but it's not a stable career. So I wonder if successful for me means financial gain and stability or doing what I love. I don't exactly know which route to take. I'm scared of not being self sufficient but I'm scared of being like those around me, people who hate their jobs, lives, and only wish for escape. 

It was funny, because, in Spanish someone said to my friend that she must be smart because she sits next to "Clair" and some of that smartness must've rubbed off on her. That made my day :) haha 

I wonder how thanksgiving will be tomorrow...well, I'll post you in when I get the chance! 

Fortunately for you, I've got to go, so you won't die over a long reply XD

Goodbye Xairyan!

ClairIsHere4Manga Oct 24, 2022

I'm an idiot I got the date wrong 

it was September 28th, not august 😂

ClairIsHere4Manga Oct 24, 2022

XAIRYANNN!!!!! I know it's been 2 months, but just scrolling down and seeing my super long message and I know for a FACT you're going to hate me :> 
Anyways, continue..

ClairIsHere4Manga Oct 24, 2022

I FORGOT TO MENTION- That Wednesday, Matt and James got mad, claiming I never told them I couldn't film Wednesday after school, and wanted me to leave campus to film 10 miles away. I'm not allowed to leave campus, I'd be in serious trouble, people would be looking for me, grounded, skip english, i'd be labeled as missing in an hour, and they seriously were so mad that i said no. :/ 

ClairIsHere4Manga Oct 24, 2022

First of all, I apologize IMMENSELY for this taking as long as it did. My schedule has been (wow I had to sigh halfway into that), it's been rough. I've made THREE horror films these past two months, gotten good grades, done well in my broadcasting journalism program, and others. That's just an overview however, here is what I've been up to these past two months: 

August 28: 

I arrive back to anime planet and you write my name with an E 😤😫 just kidding 😋 how are you Xairyan? 
Sorry for not replying in awhile and therefore invoking a sense of worry, I'm getting used to school again, algebra two honors is prettty difficult considering my teacher didn't want to be a math teacher and is similarly bad at teaching all together 😟😒 and my chemistry teacher is wacko. Insane to put it in the lightest terms. She stands on tables and talks everyone's ears off about the wildest of things! But I did get a 100/100 on a hard exam with the average being 74...so it's not all bad...although I want to take AP environmental science next year and need to learn a couple of things in chemistry in order to do so 🤷‍♀️ 
I have the same gym teacher as I did last year, Coach Q. When I saw him for the first time in three months his eyes went wide with fear. I think he's afraid of me. But he also likes me?? I don't know how to put it, but he's known me and knows I follow directions and am enthusiastic as possible (basically a teacher's pet :>, hey you gotta do what you gotta do). So he trusts me with things like his keys and shutting things and teaching things, but remember. I am the worst athelete there is. If there's a group running, I'm that one person fifty yards behind them. Let's see here uh that's 0.9 meters for you. (I learned conversations b/c boredom). 
My producers, Chloe and William, they're very different. Drastically so. William's the best. I didn't know how our program would do after the seniors left this year, because they were 80 percent of the team and the best, but there are new bests now and I'm pretty excited. Anyways, William. He's really good at editing and producing top quality work, but he doesn't answer calls, texts, disappears, and is pretty unreliable when it comes to that. Chloe is my producer. Basically, when I'm writing for a show, it's always her show. She texts me a bunch of things to change, I work with the anchors, some editors, sometimes the other writer who'll I'll get to in a second, and then with her. She ft's me or regularly calls me, and hates my voicemail!!!!!! Everyone does though. It's one of those.. "..Hello? Mhm, yeah, actually I'm not here right now, I'll get back to you as sson as possible." But it's the pretending I'm there and then I'm not that throws people off. Most of our calls are long. Three-three and a half hours long. Work usually starts Saturday, where I make a rundown of the show and prepare for the week with a new document for all the writing. Sunday, people send me their writing, I revise it and make it my own. Monday, all work day- 4 hours, then at 12:30 am there are new changes and in the morning of, a bunch of new fixes too. I print the rundowns around 10:15 am, and then work the teleprompter from 10:35-11:20. The shows are relatively 20 minutes long. Chloe is a little scary and can come off as mean but I really like her and admire her as a producer. She's pretty nice to me too, hope it gets better! By Xairyan :> 

September 18: 

It's been soooo long. Well, not really. But also really. You know? ANYWAYS. I hate my algebra two honors teacher. Oh wait-did I not tell you my schedule? I don't think I wrote that on this document..Okay. 

Zero period- Chemistry 
First period- Spanish 2
Second period- PE (Regular) 
Third- Algebra 2 honors 
Fourth- Film Production honors (I'll get to this in a second!!!) 
Fifth- Broadcast Journalism honors 
Sixth- English honors
Seventh- Literary Publications 

I have block schedule. Meaning on A days, I have 0-3. B days, 0, 4-7. (7 is during lunch). B days I absolutely adore! Love all my classes and teachers, amazing. A days.. I hate everything, every single part of it, nothing is good or redeeming, everything is terrible and miserable and it's a super long and stressful day with the most homework. Actually-lighter homework I think this year. Well,  I have a ton of film and broadcasting homework. But normal classes, a medium size bit each. Unlike bio h last year which was fourteen hours of studying on saturdays and seven hours of homework a night :( OM I have tutoring rn-I'm on a couch, waiting, it's 5:30, or well uhm 17:30? BYE XAIRYAN!! 

October 23: 

It has been awhile. I'm sorry :( I know you say take your time, but every week I have a ton of homework and then I keep getting reminded of you and then suddenly there's another week gone past before my eyes. Well, let me walk you through me week. 

Monday was my B day this week. I had film production and broadcast journalism. Coincidentally, my week on the writing and the halloween show. One of the stories for this show was a short horror film. Exciting, right? Well...James and Matt were the ones directing and producing it, and asking for me to act in it as the main character. OH! For reference the plot was: Student gets stalked by obsessive classmate who breaks into their house and kidnaps them. I told James and Matt that I was free after school to film and if I skipped my music lesson, which I could with permission, I was essentially free to film Tuesday as well. However I wasn't free Wednesday, which was when the film was due (that night), because I had a horror film of my own i was directing and tutoring and broadcast journalism and homework and tests. So a lot. Well, Tuesday, after school, my dad drove me to Cameron's house. He was the stalker in the film. He's super nice! A very good friend, I've known him for two years. It's not like we talk outside of school or even on devices but he's always been sweet and matches my humor. Anyways, super cute lab named Luna and a black bunny. Matt was procrastinating filming, which I didn't outright notice initially, but when James finally arrived I did. They just kept playing video games and I was just there hoping to not waste any more time. Anyways, we got the lighting from our drama department and used three camera, a bunch of tripods, and some other devices to film, so super high quality, I was prepared and excited... And it was five hours of filming four shots. They didn't like things, it was a disaster, but I told them I could film after school tomorrow as well, so we'd finish then, right? 
Well my dad left town that morning, in fact left the state, business trip for two weeks. We had some afterschool shots. I forgot to get my sweater for the film and then my mom forgot to get the sweater so we raced back and fro, till finally, 3:55-4:00, (or 15:55, 16:00), 90 DEGREESS or 32 CELSIUS (i'm trying ;>) we start filming. I was running in the heat, for an hour, it was miserable. And then Matt drove James and me to Cameron's house to film. My mom picked me up a couple hours later, I felt bad denying Matt when he offered driving me, but he was tired and I was already over filming. I had broadcasting and a bunch of homework and didn't finish till 11:30 that night. 
Wednesday comes around. I had my own horror film to think about too! On top of two exams, homework, and my broadcasting show! My horror film, my mom finally agreed to let me film at our house. We'd film at 7 pm to 8:30. (that's going to come up in the future fyi). I was the assigned director from my favorite teacher, my cinematographer (who has a conflicting personality but we work well together), my screenwriter, and then my other friend who I asked to act as well would come. We'd finish Matt and James' film during class, which took awhile and a lot of changing. And then I asked Matt and James if we were done and if I could change back. They said yes, and when the bell rang I rushed to changed, went to my friend and started eating lunch, exhausted but happy it was over. RIGHT? (You have to know by now that it's never over). I got called five times by James. Spammed on my phone. Yelled at for purposely making us fail and inconviencing every one in the group. Being terrible and downright selfish and personally insulted. Because I was supposed to film with them DURING LUNCH-BUT THEY NEVER TOLD ME. They told each other, during class, but never actually told me. I was hunted down and yelled at. And then, literally five minutes after, in english, after I agreed that I could film again when I was already short on time, that i could film from 3:15-5:15, and then I had tutoring, I got a family emergancy that my grandfather was admitted into the hospital and not doing well. (He's doing better though and my mom is coming home!!!) And after ALL OF THAT, ALL OF THAT, I waited for an hour and a half for James and Matt to show up, texting the group chat, calling them, texting individually, no response, no reply, nothing. I waited, I was upset, my favorite teacher saw me breaking down crying, when they finally respond. And with what? Even worse, hateful messages, spamming me, calling me, hating on me. But Matt called me, and I picked up eventually even though I was walking home, and we crossed paths. He wasn't the one exactly yelling at me like James was, and apologized and offered me a ride to tutoring, but I was coerced to agree to film. I calmed down a litttle bit in the car, but when I was there I could barely look at James, and when we finished shooting I was full blown upset. 
I had tutoring, for math, at 5:30, but I told them it started at 5:15 so I didn't have to use that time being with Matt and James. After, it was 6:30, I called my mom to pick me up and suddenly a person from my own film got to my house thirty minutes ahead of schedule, my mom, frusturated, yelled at me and told me to walk home. I ran home, my brother was annoying, I worked on my film with the spar energy I had, which went really well in the only hour we had since I planned all of it out and wrote/drew each individual shot out. And then I cleaned up the big mess from the film, and worked on my broadcast journalism show till 12 am. 
Thursday-day of broadcasting show and of sharing my film to my class. Three films were submitted out of 4 groups. The A team like I enjoy calling them, basically the best and my teacher's favorites, didn't submit a film!! They are all directors with different talents, very good, but cannot work together whatsoever :O The freshman team did absolute garbage. It was ludercris. Absolutely dreadful. Think of what you're thinking, think the worst 3 minutes imaginable, and then multiple that garbage by thirty thousand. My friend's group did better than the freshman, but long shots, boring, could've been cut down, only liked the last 30 seconds when he was actually in it because he was the best actor. THEN it was my film. I did the best, it was amazing, the room was silent and then everyone applauded, I'm the best actor in the class and everyone commented on it, they loved it, my teacher praised me, and the freshman were all like "well, we only had 3 days.." and I was like, "we did that in an hour actually.." My dad wants me to guide the freshman a bit, but IDK. Some of them don't seem very nice. ANYWAYS- Matt and James' horror film never ended up on the broadcasting show. Wasn't complete, didn't tell a story, but the producers complimented my acting so alls well that ends well. I'm not upset that it didn't get on the show. In fact, I kind of hoped it didn't b/c it is shared to 4,500 students and everyone watches my program b/c it's the best in the nation.......and i'd rather be behind the camera. Besides, it wasn't good. No bias there! Anyways, Cameron gave me a nice encouraging "you were helping them, wasn't your fault," kind of peptalk that I really appreciated, and I've learned that I should stand my ground next time and never, ever, to agree to act in one of my show's ever again. 

I finished my first draft of my book. Wow. It's just been a journey. It's 168 pages total but 160 pages of just the book...If you want to read it, please tell me :) 

😑 We... Err... We can't be friends anymore. I am so overwhelmingly disappointed. What is life?! Why r we even here?! What can I eat for lunch?! Why are the leaves green?! But then not in the autumn?! (😏 take that!!! we English use this word not ur... nonsense) 
-WE SAY AUTUMN TOO! Occasionally, yes, but it happens! Fall is the more common vernacular, but we're not feeble gross beings across the alantic ocean ;-; (Just kidding I'm not serious XD) 

I am in utter shock and disbelief today is... Well everyday is but today in particular is a sad day indeed. I think u have brought shame upon ur ppl (makes a change I guess, its usually me doing that). How could u not even finish it 😭 the ending is... The ending it is necessary for the story to be told (unless you r J. R. Martin).
-I really tried!! OH but I watched Alien and Jaws (for film homework) and liked them!! ;0 although i've never watched a scary movie before...Neither Alien nor Jaws was scary, i was so disappointed ;-; if you know a scary movie, pls inform >0< 

😠 You wrote more about that book than u did about Saving Private Ryan 😢 and again what is this madness u insult me yet again... Have our many months of friendship meant nothing to u... Do u nor kno me by now... You kno i cant read 😡 and u kno how I feel about no pictures... This is equivalent to u saying hey let's go on this ride that has height requirements 😔 oh the insults.
-I apoligize, this whole friendship has taught me nothing, i'm deeply ashamed of my actions, how can I repent? 

Fat Kid Rules the World- Troy Billings is 350 pounds, living in Brooklyn, New York, and is about to commit suicide by running in front of an incoming subway train, when semi-homeless, guitar legend Curt Macrae saves him, and together they start a band. Curt helps Troy feel comfortable in his skin, and see beyond skinny and fat, and realize no one is actually judging him, everyone is too busy judging themselves to even look his way. It's really great, and it's a short read! DON'T WATCH IT THOUGH >:( 

100 Sideways Miles- Finn Easton is epileptic. It's a souvenir from when a dead horse fell on him and his mother a hundred miles sideways, killing his mother and leaving him with a scarred back. His back however, instigated his father, Micheal Easton, to write a best-selling novel titled Lazarus Doors, about angels who go through these doors within the galaxy, feasting, killing, assaulting humans under the pretense that they are gods and saints from the testaments. Humans started revolting and removing the angel's wings, leaving scars on their backs. Another sign of an angel are heterochromic eyes, blue and green, as well as pale blonde hair. Only Finn, the main character of the book, is half angel half human, trying to fit within both worlds who fear and loathe him. And because of his father, Finn believes he's trapped inside this book. He's the Finn from the best selling novel, every page, every road, already scripted, never knowing if he's living his own life or the one designed by his father. 

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds- A book wrote in verse explaining the themes of revenge. It's about a fifteen year old named Will, who is deciding whether or not to kill someone who killing his brother. As he's taking the elevator from his apartment down to the main floor to exact his revenge, people who influenced him over the years keep entering the elevator at every level; either against of for Will comitting murder. Except everyone he meets is already dead. It's so good and I recommend just reading it on audible or somewhere else online. It's a short read and super supensful, had to read 3 more times XD

Did you enjoy that? I know if you were a super duper BFF you'd sit through and read my summaries and not just skip, right??? ;) Also the reason why the first and last summaries are short is because I read them a couple months ago. 

I did have a good trip! Went to Cape Cod, 2ish weeks, my relatives were insane and weird living situations, but I miss it and wish I was there, without any worries and just eating bagels and looking out from the widow's deck, you know? I miss it. Especially the coffee. They had this really good french coffee, i like all black, nothing in it but ice, and it was strong but so good. 

ANYWAYS, now, I shall call it a night. BYE XAIRYAN!! :)