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Favourite character in anime has to be Shouko Nishimiya. Love her and love A Silent Voice, my favourite anime movie by far. 

Sadest anime for me is Plastic Memories. This anime broke me, yes I'm a grown up and yes I cried..... ALOT. 

Unexpected anime I enjoyed was Quintessential Quintuplets. I Don't normally like the most popular characters but Miku.... Is Miku its hard not to love her definitely my favourite sister.

 Anime character that got treated badly in a romance anime that hurt the most was Ena Komiya. This hurt a lot and angered me, she was the best character and most likeable, the writers then got the viewers to fall for her, then broke her heart, so depressing.


Some epic anime scenes/moments 








Ive never considered myself apart of this community, I liked anime back when I was at school and I used to enjoy it when I told people I liked anime, and they would say 'what's anime' . But when the popularity of anime increased it lost its appeal to me and I stopped watching for a long time. I've never been one for following the crowd I tend to be one that always likes the less popular things, and anime wasn't that popular back then (at least to my limited knowledge and according to my personal experiences) . But one thing I didn't like was the stigma attached to anime fans and viewers, people who were and are uneducated to anime unfairly judged anime fans and attacked them and I never understood why. 

That is until I got back into anime (due to boredom and depression) and signed up to this site, now I understand the judgments, u see if anime fans themselves can't appreciate anime why should the uneducated. Never have I seen such anger, such hatred, such overly critical and such overly oppiniated attitudes to the media they claim to be a fan of. To me if u like anime u should support it in all its forms, (NOTE I am not saying u should like everything just because its anime) I am saying support it by being fair and open to all forms of story telling and characters. The amount of hate I have seen to characters especially is insane.

How old are the people on this site? giving death threats to a fictional character saying they should burn in hell or they shouldnt exist etc is a whole new level of stupidity I have never seen before (it's like everyone wants every character to be a badass, happy, kind individual and all anime to be about sunshine, happiness and rainbows) whenever an anime tackles a dark or difficult subject or whenever a character is portrayed with realistic personality flaws, people go insane and start crying. If u don't like a character fine u have every right to, just click the heart or broken heart and move along, stop wasting energy projecting anger on fictional characters (there are far worse things in the real world to be getting angry about, waste your energy tackling those things instead). 

Anime is supposed to be entertaining and fun, but it can also take the form of anything and thats great, it's an effective way of story telling where the writers should be free to tell the stories they want, but honestly with the so called anime fans or should I say anime dictators, I don't know why they bother. Honestly so much complaining and moaning (I say as I have just complained and moaned) its soo boring. Rant over I guess. 


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abbyishere4manga Sep 19, 2021

Hi Xairyan! 
I took some time and I'm definitely better! 
HAH Yes, actual literature 0-0 

Why they don't like me? 
We just don't communicate, sort of distanced..

Aww that's sweet thanks~! 

25 DEGREES(-Probably celcius) 
It's cold right? Then celcius 
Oh wow though, that's cold! (Or hot if i'm wrong >w<)

Just a big challenge, no transition. 

I thought maybe a jester, or a unicorn, or someone from dr stone, (if so Gen or Kohaku, however Kohaku might be too revealing) or someone from deatte 5 byou de battle, (if so Yuri or Mion, however they're a bit boring,) 
Maybe Magi?
Something from Solo Leveling..?
Not genshin, I don't play anymore so it'd be weird to do so. 

I'm trying on the vegan ;u; 

abbyishere4manga Sep 16, 2021

I need to proceed with a sturdy footing however i'm still a little down, 
One of the reasons I wasn't responsive, though it might sound like an excuse is homework >~< sorry! 
I have biochemistry and it provides some great hours of frusturation and half my weekend spoiled..
Also been avoiding my "friends" recently, I don't know, I just haven't felt the need for their security yet, they don't like me anyways so it's fine! 
Focusing on school and watching things on youtube, I still read manga, (OF COURSE), just a bit less since, well, busy. 
Might also be because I kid you not I have 50+ tabs open of full on manga and i'm just a bit uninterested in going through all of it..haha >u<
Yeah, I don't really feel like myself right now, but it's a part of learning, I'll move forward knowing that whatever happens, happens. 

PS Took my dogs on that hike..I skipped 2 miles okay?! I cut it short, I understand that, but can you blame me I walked 4.5 miles up hill in 80 degrees direct sunlight..

Yep, not having fun
I think i will soon though, just got to adapt..?

abbyishere4manga Sep 16, 2021

I'm back haha 
Thanks for worrying about me! 
I don't know how I feel, 
It's not a nice feeling and I still feel sort of the same however I'm back at least 😅
Been reading an actual book, called The Downstairs Girl and about half way in 
Any manga or anime you recommend? 
It is Yom Kippur so I guess this IS the day I should be trying to be a better person...🤔

Going on a hike with my dogs soon, it'll be a long hike however it's time 😊

Been feeling a bit bad about myself so I'll try to work on that today 

I might dress up for Halloween for fun! I'm not going to be trick or treating haha but it's fun to dress up/excuse to cosplay 😎

Been thinking about going vegan, it's the first couple days so far and while I've been vegetarian for awhile and don't eat dairy and eggs in general, there are other restrictions like honey so it's a bit hard 

abbyishere4manga Sep 15, 2021

Hi Xairyan! 
How are you?
Been a while i know..

abbyishere4manga Aug 28, 2021

Hi xairyan! 
sorry for the late reply, hectic recently 
thank you for the long reply it really makes me smile 😊 
ive been feeling very down recently, it's gotten to a bad point sorry if that's making it awkward to talk about kixed emotions like that but I have been very sad, not as much as I used to thankfully but still.. so thank you for that 
Oh wow no lockers? I guess it is very American 🤔 
I understand now that distractions are needed 😅 
Technically not already an aquantince as I've known him for ten years however have never been friends with them 
yeah I'm pushing myself, I know, it's mainly forced however I try to preserve 

been listening to the better eras of music recently (60s-80s) and it's been a blast, music was real then, alive, now it's there for being there, and while some are nice it's very rare to find a great artist in the 21rst century

bought a school computer since I desperately needed kt, the last one I ever had was four years ago, a small Samsung computer that didn't run well, the plug didn't fit in so the charting process was terrible, then my friend broke the screen and the keyboard and screen broke apart so that was the end of that haha. Anyways got a new one and while I wish I could I'm not adding anymore anime planet/discord/personal things just yet since it'll be very open with my teachers and shouldn't have distractions

that doesn't mean manga isn't on there 😉