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Hello Everyone!

I'm Wolfgang if you haven't already guessed that by my username. Okay... From the beginning I first got into anime when a friend introduced me to a show called Bleach, which I thoroughly enjoyed for like two seasons before I dropped it (after the the second season it wasn't that enjoyable for me, deal with it~). Still curious though I then decided to check out some other anime shows for myself like Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain and before I know it I was addicted.

I particularly Love well thought out animes with a deep plot or mabye with something with supernatural elements to it like 'Baccano!'. Personally I'm not to fond of anime that are centered around school life as most animes seem to be about so I tend to avoid them. Another genre I dislike is harem animes just because I think they suck and don't enjoy all that fan-service that comes with it.

That said I do occasionally enjoy a good slice of life/school-life anime such as Toradora and haruhi suzumiya (they can be good sometimes). These days however I feel as if my tastes in anime have broadened and shows I woundn't watch originally I now find myself giving a chance as long as it's not over sexualised. 

Well thats me~

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sothis Dec 21, 2017

Hello! Just helping spread the word about A-P's new challenges feature - there's currently three to choose from, an anime watching challenge for the 2018 calendar year, a similar manga reading one, and a winter 2018 seasonal one. There's dango levels and such for watching/reading certain amounts. 

Would love your feedback if you end up trying them out! More info about them is in the announce

Bluntjoker Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! :D

Etue Dec 25, 2011

Happy holidays!

acidwulf Aug 20, 2011

Sure no problem

Anrycor Aug 11, 2011

I don´t understand, why are happening things like this . It´s really sad. You are from England?