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The 2nd season continues and does exactly what the first season does, except for two strong distinctions on what changes. The starting episodes are of equal quality to what you saw in season 1. Basically have some fun doing activities with the club characters. The humor still relies quite strongly on its perverted nature.

What differs is the general direction things went after the first few episodes. Season 2 focuses more on the relationships of the characters. There is far greater emphasis on who the characters like, confessing, and revealing their pasts. The other main difference is the later episodes, and general theme of what occurs. Several episodes are dedicated to doing an activity at the club at school. This is where it went a bit downhill on what was enjoyable before. It was still decent, but not quite on the same level.

The biggest "what?" is the last episode. It suddenly moves the timeline along at 10x the speed, and doesn't fit in well at all with how the rest of the anime played out. It is almost like they were forcing some sort of conclusion unexpectedly that they had not planned for. This forced conclusion really doesn't add anything either and leaves it hanging with more questions. It was just so out of place that you may actually want to skip it.

Overall, I liked this season almost as much as the first, but I believe they partly missed the mark on what made it interesting, and completely blundered it with the last episode.

Review of Season 1 ; Scored 8

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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