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A great comedy, pervy comedy that is. There is no story, but the dialogue is entertaining so long as you aren't expecting anything serious. If you aren't into silly, perverted comedy, this isn't for you. If you can appreciate that though, you will at the very least like this anime. The whole thing plays out as a daily & school club life anime. Everything you see is what you see commonly, such as your beach and swimsuit episode, or festival themed episode. Naturally, all of the other main characters are into the main guy. It may all be very generic stuff, but comedy is comedy, and there isn't any shortage of that (heavily emphasizing ecchi based comedy). As all the characters are into the main guy, there are small bits of romance, but it would be hard to qualify it as such in terms of a tag. The other main piece worth mentioning, much of the influence and culture is based on gamer, with some otaku.

The characters are your very stereotypical, generic characters. You got your sadist, perverted himedere, sex obssessed girl, little sister who has a thing for her brother, another girl who considers the main guy her brother, and a guy who may as well be a girl because he looks and acts it. As for the main guy, no one likes him except his group basically. As I find the Gothic Lolita Fashion, and Heterochromia very appealing, I personally enjoyed that they gave both of these bits to a single character. It is important that you like the characters (personalities anyways), as they make up the different comedy bits.

Basically, these two paragraphs summarize everything. It may not be anything new, but it was still fun and silly. As long as you can appreciate appreciate silly, pervy comedy, and don't mind that the episodes are pretty generic, you will like this.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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