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There are 2 main things that you can expect when watching, Sexual content and Combat. Nothing great here unless you are specifically looking to watch girls get touched and most of the resulting responses is audio based. It actually is more audio oriented sexual content than visual. The other thing to note is it is partially incest, pending how you view step sister/brother relations. This content is a bit dominant in the first 2 eps but then thins out after and focuses more on combat.  There is a fair amount of combat making up most of the remaining time. A small segment of home/daily/school type life makes up a segment of the remainder.

The story is a demon and combat style story, with a bunch of relationship building between the main guy and the 3 girls around him (a fair amount of that relationship building is the perverted content mentioned earlier). There is nothing new or super exciting here, it is decent but a little boring too as it doesn't bring in a unique element of its own. There is one key twist of the story that makes things interesting and more serious, expect that a little past the halfway point. 

The characters don't really stand out or are interesting. I found Maria to be cute and the most interesting character offered, along with her cute outfits and the design + coloring for them and herself. The rest are fine but just aren't characters to remember.

Whether you may want to watch this really can be summarized to a simple question - Do you want lots of pervy content that also serves as the relationship building, along with equal amounts of combat? If the answer is no, then I would recommend skipping this. I personally do like pervy content so it was decent and someone looking for such content will probably enjoy this.

Review of Season 2 ; Scored 7.5

5/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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