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So first off, this is a bit higher up on the perverted anime scale, a good chunk of it, especially the comedy aspect relies on this. The other major criticism is the lack of completion, storywise. Other than that, this was a decent watch (assuming you can tolerate pervy content or enjoy that), and it was reasonably funny and action filled. The show seems divided into 2 major story components, one being the academy life and the other being the home world of our 2 main characters. For about 8 episodes the focus is on daily life at the academy which consists of the pervy and comedy components. The remaining episodes focus on a more serious storyline related to the main characters which delivers action. The problem here is neither of these go in depth and are left very open ended, with next to no sign of a conclusion. This means that there is no reason to watch it for a story unless there will be another season, it is just purely for entertainment based off these 12 episodes.

Everyone is pretty ordinary here with the main character standing out as a pervy and overpowered character. Nontheless, he has chivalrous qualities that are sometimes not pervy, but for the most part they are. The overpowered component makes everything less interesting as would be expected of a character that is basically invincible and has unique abilities more powerful than the rest.

If you want something fun, funny, and pervy, then give this a watch. Just don't expect a completed story or anything close to completion, watch it only for entertainment purposes for now.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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