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Nov 28, 2015

Best anime ever (Watched episodes 1-265 twice)!
The description for the words "funny" and "fun" in the dictionary should just be replaced with "Gintama" If you are looking to laugh, this is the anime to go to. It easily puts a smile on your face and keep you wanting to watch another episode. Many "episodes" last 2-3 actual episodes long which are essentially mini stories which is what is heavily used throughout. Other than that expect something random that has no relation to the previous episode. It does consistently maintain most of the characters throughout, along with some extra characters we see on and off.
*A key important note, if credits roll it does not mean the episode is over. Be careful as this is done quite a bit. Always check the time left before moving on.

Sitting at around 300 episodes as of now, it is a long watch. The beauty of the style chosen here though is it is easy to leave off somewhere every 3rd-ish episode and come back later if you need a break. Good luck stopping though.

Gintama is just an extremely funny anime that has a ton of parodies and a true masterpiece in the anime world. There is no true story to this aside from the background and some links, the episodes have a lot of randomness to them. There are Arcs too though which are pretty amusing. A few of the episodes can be a bit boring but this is a large anime, find any anime this size that doesn't have a few like that. Many small stories have some touching concepts so it isn't limited to just comedy. Samurai's are obviously a big part here too so there are quite a few battles which use anything and everything from food to weapons.

Something very unique is how the show defies rules. There is no pressure to fit a whole episode proper into an episode. At times the episode will end at the 15 minute mark and just begin on the next one. Combine this with how Gintama runs and it feels like an anime on a whole new level, standing out majorly from anything else. The writers are able to mock their show too and not take it serious or humor the thought of being cancelled which shows they are quite passionate about what they create. That is just another fact that makes it stand out.

The start of the anime feels a bit slow but does a good job providing intro to the characters and environment. This series has 200 eps which makes it very lengthy and time consuming to watch or rewatch but it is very worth it.

The characters are all funny and have amusing personalities. It is hard to dislike anyone throughout, each offers something funny and unique to the anime.

This anime offers some neat facts such as japanese culture/history, words etc if you find a site that has good subtitled versions. This allows more engagement in the anime and learning is always enjoyable. Have your mouse ready to pause lots to read the helpful tips or references pointed out.

It is a must watch for anime fans. If you had to watch one anime before you die or regret not having watched, it is Gintama.

Review of 202-252 ; Scored 10
Review of Eps 253-265 ; Scored 5.8

Review of Eps 266-317 ; Scored 10

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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