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*~♥♦♠♣    Profile Contents    ♣♠♦♥~* 

*April 5th, 2019*

1) Latest Activity
2) About Me :3    

3) Contact / Socializing Info ^.^

4) Top Anime List (Ranked)
5) Top 12 Favorite Characters (Ranked)
6) Lists (Multiple Categories)
7) Gaming Info    
8) Reviewing Scoring & Thought Process Insight

9) Music Videos (Favorite Artists & Genre) 

Current Anime Top Art + Song Favorite
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry End
Love the classical use of roses paired with the natural body form to capture the simplistic beauty and elegance of both!

-I have put 30+ hours into this profile so enjoy   =^.^=
-It is very worthwhile to look at everything even though it's long, as you may find some great new material!
-Updating regularly

-It is extremely long so you can CTRL + F  the combination "1) through to 9)" to find what you would like to see.

*** Currently not reviewing anymore ***

Some music to listen to while viewing

1) Latest Activity
*~Every Image in this section has a has a Clickable Link to Anime Planet or Wiki for your convenience~*
Ordered by newest activity first under each category~*

*~♥♦♣♠   Anime   ♠♣♦♥~*

Currently Watching (Anime):
Yugioh Zexal / Pokemon Sun & Moon / Overlord 2 / Gintama Shirogane
 Selector Spread WIXOSS / Sword Oratoria / Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul / Slayers Evolution R


Previously Watched (Anime):
   *~Text links = Review by me, Picture links = Synopsis~*
Soul Eater Not / Goblin Slayer / SAO Gun Gale / Soul Eater / Interviews with Monster Girls
Sailor Moon R / Sailor Moon / Land of the Lustrous / Killing Bites / Hinamatsuri / Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card / Naruto Shippuden
Fairy Tail 2 / Highschool DxD Hero / Yugioh 5Ds / Pokemon XYZ / Pokemon XY / Kill La KillGood Luck Girl
Chaika Coffin PrincessAkashic RecordsDeath ParadeGhost HuntCastlevaniaFood Wars S2Food Wars S1
Death March...World RhapsodyKarakai Jouzu no TakagiMärchen MädchenJunji Itou / How to Keep a Mummy / Ryuos Work is Never DoneLaid-Back Camp 
GamersToradoraFamiliar of Zero S4Familiar of Zero S3Familiar of Zero S2Familiar of ZeroAcchi Kocchi


*~♥♦♣♠   Gaming   ♠♣♦♥~*

Currently Playing & Regular Ongoing Games/MMO (Gaming):

Previously Completed/Played (Gaming):


*~♥♦♣♠  TV Shows or Movies   ♠♣♦♥~*
(Feel free to message for info or to ask if something on this list is good or not)

Currently Watching or Still Airing (TV):

Previously Watched (TV or Movie):

*~♥♦♣♠  Comics/Manga  ♠♣♦♥~*

Currently Reading:
*Image represents complete set rather than individual each individual piece*
*For Site where I find all these, ask in comments*

2) About Me

I love Gaming, Anime, Music, and Travelling! I enjoy various other things too but that requires asking :3
And I am huge on cuteness, love anything and everything cute.
I am....
-Bilingual - German & English (Would love to learn Japanese if someone wants to teach me)
-Originally from Germany, I miss the food and atmosphere D:
-A strong mix of Dandere & Kuudere with a small mix of Oujidere, Kamidere, and Tsundere
-Extremely Loyal & Honest
-Affectionate, Cute, and Cuddly
-a Wolfy! -Aawwwoooo :3
-NOT a Furry, into Females only                                                       

Age: 29
Gender: M
Location: BC, Canada
Status: Single
Name: Wolf
Occupation: Grocery Clerk & Cashier. Long term work goal = Management

Favorite Cuisine: German / Japanese / Chinese
Favorite Music: DJ S3RL, Eiffel 65, DJ Satomi, DJ Sharpnel, Kpop, anything Electronic (Dance, Trance, Club, Industrial, Techno, etc) & Vocaloid
Favorite Characters: Konata Izumi / Mizore Shirayuki / Kurumi Tokisaki / Rem / Azu-nyan
Favorite Anime: Gintama / Ranma 1/2 
Favorite Game:  Final Fantasy Series, Zelda Series, Bullet Hell Games, Rogue-like Games
Favorite Genres: Horror, Comedy, Ecchi, Adventure, Action, Daily Life, Game 
Favorite Color: Royal Purple (Dark Purple ; RGB Value = R45 G0 B70)
Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, King of Queens, Malcolm in the Middle, That 70's Show, Gotham, Any Gordon Ramsey Show, Grimm, American Horror Story

Fact 1: I have very strong sense for design/fashion/colors/graphics and general visual appeal. I won alot of coloring contests as a kid and win design/building contests on games easily.
Fact 2: I can cook/bake :3
Fact 3: I have a Gintoki outfit set (Black with red stripes uniform + Kimono + Boots). Would love a large set of Anime outfits.
Fact 4: I heavily support Flat is Justice!! Unlike most, I prefer (But not limited to) shorter girls with smaller chests. Kawaii > Sexy :3
Fact 5: I am pretty much a Hikikomori x3

I consider myself Wolf-Like because of being extremely loyal and honest while being quite playful and basically act like a Wolf if I had to choose an animal to compare myself to. I love cuddles and licks too so it fits in there :3

I am looking for a cute female :3 to treat like a Hime ^.^ (Too shy to ask >.<; and can't find anyone that likes anime and/or gaming around here at least) 
Ideal girl using anime characters as a reference would be someone like Konata from Lucky Star
Key personality traits = Cute, Short/Small, Lazy, Otaku, Gamer
That isn't the limitation though. Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario to Vampire is so awesome and purpley so she is on par with Konata for how much I love her personality.
Kurumi Tokisaki/Kanade Tachibana have awesome qualities too any mix of these would be awesome :3 
If someone was to cosplay Mizore Shirayuki or Kurumi Tokisaki in her orange dress....^.^

I typically get called cute & adorable lots xD. Am tall (6'0 - 6'1), and male of course. I like to make others laugh and be happy which in return makes me happy (empath trait).
I want to be someones Teddi Bear / Wolfy and just make one special girl very happy :3

Life Goal 1: To find my special Hime ( a mix of Konata Izumi, Mizore Shirayuki, Kurumi Tokisaki, and Kanade Tachibana :3, or cosplay these ♥ )
Life Goal 2: Own a Lamborghini Gallardo or a similar car (hopefully, but if not it's ok).
Life Goal 3: Travel to many locations (Akihabara & Sakura Gardens of Japan, China, Rome Italy, Paris France) just to name a few. Also, move back to Germany.
Life Goal 4: Continue to enjoy anime and gaming forever and hopefully with someone special in the more near future :3

I have been using Anime Planet for over 5 years, a new account was made to make cross referencing easier across games/review methods/sites etc. I love this name so it was decided that this will be my name, both virtually and real life.


3) For Chatting / Contact info  ^.^ 

Skype: Account name = Grom-Hellscream6
Discord = Wolf Angelus #1850 
Screen name
♥♣♦♠Wolf Angelus♠♦♣♥
Twitter = @WolfAngelus_nya
Steam: Wolf Angelus
If adding anywhere, an Anime Planet link to profile is required in the add message, else it will be regarded as a spam add.
*If adding on Steam, an Anime Planet link to your profile is required in my Steam Profile Comment section.

Open to Chatting about anime/recommending/games/anything :3 Prefer talking to females since it is much easier for me. Direct messaging is preferred over the comment boxes on Anime Planet to ensure reply/have actual conversations, but if not that is okay, conversations have to start somewhere :3.

I have been shy so I never did much chatting and don't got anyone to message, have always been a Solo Player like Kirito but just like him, it is time to change that.
4) Top Anime List Currently (Tied Anime is Randomly Ordered):
#1 Gintama / Season 2 / Season 3 / Season 4    (Main Categories: Comedy/Action/Random/Samurai)
*~Nothing is more funny and it has some of the best characters ever!~*
Ties for 2nd:
 Ranma 1/2  (Main Categories: Comedy/Romance)
*~An older classic! It is quite funny and has a unique charm~*

Ghost Stories (English Version Only!) (Main Categories: Comedy)
*~The English version is completely different from the Japanese version, it's super funny and nostalgic of the early 2000's~*
Ties for 3rd:
Shakugan no Shana / Season 2 / Season 3  (Main Categories: Action/Fantasy)
*~This has a great story, with plenty of action and the best tsuntsun character!~*

No Game No Life  (Main Categories: Intelligent & Wordplay Game/Adventure)
*~Very nice and unique coloring with some intelligent games, a gamer's dream!~*

K-On! & K-On!!  (Main Categories: Comedy, School Club, Music, School/Daily Life)
The cast of characters are super adorable and funny together, the anime just feels really warm and uplifting.~*

Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?  (Main Categories: Dungeon Adventurer Game/Action/Comedy)
*~An upgrade on Sword Art Online in every way. The best gaming themed Anime!~*

Mirai Nikki TV  (Main Categories: Life or Death Game/Horror/Action)
*~Quite an amazing "horror" anime. Very interesting concept and superbly done!~*

Hyperdimension Neptunia
  (Main Categories: Comedy/Video Game/Fantasy)

*~A very close adaption to the game series, it retains all its game referencing, humor, and suggestive content~*

Ties for 4th:
To Love Ru / Season 2 / Season 3 / Season 4  (Main Categories: Ecchi/Harem/Comedy)
The art of defying physics when falling and plenty of ecchi! It somehow is a comforting anime!~*

Fairy Tail / Season 2  (Main Categories: Fantasy/Action/Comedy)
A true adventure, best in terms of feeling like you are adventuring in a fantasy world!~*

Slayers / Season 2 / Season 3 / Season 4  (Main Categories: Comedy/Adventure)
Another old classic and not viewed enough. This is extremely funny!~*

Date A Live / Season 2  (Main Categories: Action/Dating Game/Harem)
Best anime for kawaii girls! It has some extremely nice coloring and artwork~*

Angel Beats  (Main Categories: School Life/Action/Comedy)
Overall this was very well done and very enjoyable to watch! Some nice artwork too~*

Star  (Main Categories: Comedy/Daily & School Life/Otaku/Cute)
Very funny and cute! Combines kawaii characters and art with the otaku universe and no shortage of comedy~*
Honorable Mentions:
Mayoi Neko Overrun!  (Main Categories: Comedy/Ecchi/Random/Daily Life)
*~It has a unique charm and 3 very different and kawaii girls. This is not given enough credit!~*

Jigoku Shoujo  / Season 2 / Season 3 / Season 4  (Main Categories: Horror/Short Stories)
Very unique and interesting concept, episode based horror stories. Worth watching for horror fans!~*

Another  (Main Categories: Horror/Mystery)
Quite a mysterious anime. Very enjoyable and recommended!~*        

Seraph of the End (Main Categories: Horror/Demons/Vampires/Military/Post-Apocalyptic)
*~Love the story that really makes you think about which side is truely evil~*

***List needs some updating - Missing: Himouto Umaru-Chan / Watamote / Food Wars***
5) Top Favorite Characters (Ranked):

#1 Konata Izumi
Key Personality & Traits: Cute/Lazy/Gamer/Otaku/Short
*~My perfect kawaii, gamer, and loli-type wife! ♥.♥~*

#2 Mizore Shirayuki:
Key Personality & Traits:
Stalker/Yuki-onna/Shy/Cute/Lollipop/Purpley ♥
*~Purple, stalker, and kawaii! I wish she would stalk me and be my little snowbunny ♥~*

#3 Kurumi Tokisaki:
Key Personality & Traits: Sadistic/Seductive/Gothic/Heterochromatic Eyes/Colorful Outfit/Doll Like Appearance
*~Love her seductive nature and appearance, yet retaining a kawaii charm, epic!~*

#4 Kurumi Ebisuzawa
Key Personality & Traits: Cute/Purple Hair/Strong/Leader/Shovel-kun
*~Just love her hair color and style, combined with that outfit and her strength/leadership is most impressive, Sexy too~*

#5 Kanade Tachibana / Tenshi / Angel:

Key Personality & Traits: Cute/Soft Voice/Lonely/Student Council President/Misunderstood/Kuudere
*~She is the most shy and gentle which makes me want to give her lots of hugs ♥~*

#6 Shana / Flaming-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter:

Key Personality & Traits: Tsundere/Cute/Swordsgirl/Fire Magician/Melon Bread Enthusiast
*~My super kawaii, melon bread loving, tsuntsun ♥~*

#7 Shiro:
Key Personality & Traits: Gamer/Cute/Hikikomori/Intelligent/Loli
*~So adorable, I could hug her anytime. She is very intelligent and a hikikomori too!~*
#8 Koneko Toujou:
Key Personality & Traits: 
Cute/Neko Features/Mysterious/Loli/Shy
*~My purrfect and kawaii lil neko, nya!~*

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________#9 #9 Azusa (Azu-nyan) Nakano:
Key Personality & Traits:
Cute/Shy/Easily Embarassed
*~She just simply looks adorable and cute, with a shy and cute personality to match. The cat ears seem so natural~*

#10 Izuna Hatsuse:
Key Personality & Traits:
Cute/Fox Features/Loli/Polite/Demon
*~Kawaii lil kitsune with a very intriguing speech pattern and evil side!~*


#10 Rem & Ram
Key Personality & Traits: 
*~Adorable personalities, and thier dialogue when together is kawaii!~*


#11 Liliruca Arde:
Key Personality & Traits:
Cute/Animal features/Thief/Abused/Lonely
*~So kawaii, and another girl that could get plenty of hugs. Her story really added to this feeling!~* 
#12 Gintoki Sakata:
Key Personality & Traits:
Samurai/Sweets Enthusiast/Lazy/Funny
*~The only guy that will ever make the list, he is too funny and epic to not be in the list!~*


 6) Lists

Lists are currently a work in progress

*~Top Ecchi/Perverted Anime~*
*~Top Comedy Anime~*
*~Top Horror/Psychological/Mystery Anime~*
*~Top Adventure/Action/Magical/Fantasy Anime~*
*~Anime with Cute/Awesome Girls~*
*~Favorite Characters~*
*~Anime Worth Re-Watching~*

*See description within each list for a better details

I provide a reasoning for each selection of why it is in the category, even if the anime is not tagged as such.  Some aspects are subjective from person to person and all selections are my personal opinion. I purposely have grouped certain anime together because often they go hand in hand or just because they are similar and can't truely be distinguished. Also this is to give people viewing the lists a bit of a broader view that might potentially spark their interest (IE: looking through the adventure list and finding an interesting magical based anime)

7) Gaming Info:

To see what I play and reviews for games, or to request to play something. my Steam info can be found below.
Any adds should leave a comment on my profile via my steam profile page

My Steam Link: Wolf Angelus
My Youtube Channel: Wolf Angelus

I have tons of screenshots for viewing on steam of building creations done on ARK: Survival and videos on Youtube.


See Steam Link Above for all Steam based Games 330+ games,
Diablo 3 / Starcraft 2 / World of Warcraft / Overwatch / Dungeon Fighter Online (NA Version) / Minecraft / Guild Wars 2 / TERA / Blade and Soul / Osu / Elder Scrolls Online / Black Desert Online / Battlefield 1 / Sea of Thieves / **I have played most MMO's prior 2017

Marvel Heros VR / Games to be added as I buy them

Etrian Odyssey Nexus / Luigi's Mansion / Pokemon Ultra Moon / Etrian Odyssey 4 / Etrian Odyssey 5 / Pokemon Omega Ruby / Pokemon Y / Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D / Zelda: A Link Between Worlds / Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call / Puzzle + Dragons Z Mario Edition / Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate / Donkey Kong  Country Returns / Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance / Tales of the Abyss / Super Mario 3D Land / Fire Emblem Awakening / Bravely Default / Rune Factory 4 / Shin Megumi Tensei IV / Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon / Mario Kart 7 / Final Fantasy Explorers / Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest / Bravely Second

Hyrule Warriors / Xenoblade Chronicles X / Super Smash Bros Wii U  / Mario Kart 8 / Super Mario & Luigi Bros / Zelda Windwaker HD / Super Mario 3D World / Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze / Xenoblade Chronicles / Splatoon /

Pokken Tournament

Yoshi's Crafted World / Octopath Traveler / Super Mario Bros U Deluxe / Captain Toad / Kirby Star Allies / Super Smash Bros Ultimate / Pokemon Let's Go Eevee Xenoblade Chronicles 2 / Super Mario Odyssey / Zelda: Breath of the Wild / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

  Spyro Trilogy Bloodborne / Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragments / Sword Art Online: Lost Song / Uncharted 1-3 / Final Fantasy 13 & 13-3 / Final Fantasy X & X2 HD / Grand Theft Auto 4 / Marvel vs Capcom 3 / Fallout 4 / Disagaea 3-5 & D2 / Odin's Sphere Leifthrasir Final Fantasy XV / Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization / World of Final Fantasy / Horizon: Zero Dawn / NioH / Crash N Sane FF12 Zodiac

Tethered / Thumper / Infinite Minigolf / Pixel Gear / Ace Banana / Rec Room 

Rare Replay / Dragon Age Inquisition / Assassin's Creed Unity / Need for Speed Rivals / Final Fantasy Type-0 HD / Wolfenstein the New Order / Far Cry 4 / Killer Instinct / Forza Motorsport 5 & Horizon 2 / Halo 1-4 / Tales of Vesperia / Star Ocean the Last Hope / Gears of War 1-2 / Guitar Hero (most older versions) & DJ Hero


Upcoming Games to Buy:
Pokemon(Switch) /Final Fantasy 7 Remake(PS4) 

*Have even more games for the previous generation consoles and the generation before those but not really worth mentioning all of them.


 8) My Reviews: Scoring & Detailed Insight on Thought Process, Writing Style, Goals

(Currently irrelevant as I don't expect to be reviewing again anytime soon)

Stars (0.5-5)
Based on how much I enjoyed the anime and a slight adjustment (0.5-1) star difference if the anime is underscored / overscored based on my opinion.

Written Review Scores:
  All Scores start off as 10/10 and I use a subtraction method. I Allow for 1 bad Ep per 12 Eps. 5/10 would be a neutral score. 
This puts each anime on fair and unbiased ground. There are tons out there and many have unique aspects or may not appeal to everyone. Don't sink the anime, let the anime sink itself. There are no exact science involved but rather a mental note of key issues that I factor at the end. Anime that is related to Manga will be judged purely based on the Anime. There should be no requirement to read, it is up to the company to choose what is shown and for it to make sense.

Based on how well the story connects, How interesting it is, If it lacks a story,
Has large gaps, Or is confusing & has unexplained points.
I don't require a story for an anime to be good and not every anime is intended to be story based. If it is not a story oriented anime, this score will be represented by individual episode writing. 

Quality, Color, Visual Appeal Factor, Effects (I watch @ 720p or 1080 HD quality if it exists).
Points deducted primarily for lack of quality in the drawing/coloring or simply because it is outdated. Some leniancy is given if that was the best available at the time. Generally this will be scored high on most anime.

Quality, Clarity, Background/Atmospheric Music, Bass, Powerful or Weak (do two swords clashing sound like metal).
Points deducated primarily for being weak, boring, or simply lack of sound. Generally this will be scored high on most anime. (I use a Razer Kraken Headset and it produces extremely good sound)

Personalities, Mix of Characters, Relationships, Cuteness, Uniqueness, Design, Outfits.
Points deducated primarily for lack of believability in relationships (don't kiss once, call it a relation, and only hold hands or act like friends the rest of the anime), characters lack to make the anime feel lively, if they are boring, lack of characters or everyone is too similar and not enough stand out. Outfits are taken into account as it says a lot about the character.

Enjoyment level, how epic it was, the emotions (or lack of), connection to characters/environment, overall theme, and if I believe
it pulled off what it was aiming to be. This is scored individually from the other categories and only slightly weighted based on them.
I enjoy a lot of anime very much so my ratings will be high, but I also know what I enjoy so I do a good job of hunting it down. A 9-10 is generally given to when I feel that every minute was enjoyable and my time used well to the point of where nothing else would have made for a better time.

*Final Note, I have a strong sense of value on time because it is the ultimate resource that we never have enough off. I have tons of Anime to watch and Games to play, so I can be a tough critic and am picky.

Reviews for OVA's, Specials, or Movies:
These are kept to a few sentences and only an overall score provided typically. I will briefly point out what to expect (Lots of Ecchi / Comedy / Clips) and if it is worth watching even.

Detailed Insight on my Thought Process, Writing Style, and Goals for my Reviews: 

First off, I do reviews because I enjoy it and want to work on my English writing ability. I like helping & providing insight for others too. Everyone is free to do their own review and voice their opinions. Some will agree, some won't. Be respectful to others (unless they are obviously being trolls or just emit pure negativitiy). I do mine very honestly based on how it was for me, removing any bias or influence from externalities. At the most I will point out something that is missed or expand on some points if it feels right. Furthermore, I do my best to add both negative and positive comments into reviews assuming I can find some, even the best has a flaw and I have yet to see one that is so bad that didn't have a single nice thing to say.

I try to spend about 15 minutes per review thinking it over & editing. I also make mental notes throughout so I have thoughts pre-processed. This might not always be the case for shorter anime. Same goes for Seasons 2+ if they remain the same as season 1 and just continue on. Some will be longer, some shorter. It ultimately depends on the complexity and length of the anime. I purposely avoid making them big since it becomes more efficient to just watch Episode 1 rather than read for 10 minutes.
My writing style is a bit shorter but more direct. I have been complimented and scored very high on reports/essay's for being able to undercut word requirements by at least half while still getting all the key points and info in.

I keep them as spoiler free as possible through use of generalizing and only occasionally mentioning names/specifics  when it is important to the anime/captures something key and unique.

I will write some form of review for everything since I believe strongly that relying on a few fair reviewers is much more effective than reading one from a different person each time since you don't know much about them or their style.

Key points, a bit on characters, the emotions it focuses toward, the themes within and personal thoughts/opinions are the focus, and any other important thoughts I think of. Some have a specific depth or meaning that needs to be explained with a bit more detail in order to make a point or essentially turn it from a skip this to a watch this.

I am more easily influenced by emotions and pick up easier on feelings than many due to being an empath (the ability to pick up on and feel emotions of others through an aura they give off, it is hard to describe), so emotions / touching aspects be it specific or general will be mentioned. Throughout studies and the video games played, I can analyze and think more in depth than a large number of people which makes it easier to see beyond the surface. This makes it possible to give another perspective that may have been missed or add some extra thoughts that aren't so obvious.

Finally I will admit I do enjoy Ecchi & Nudity in anime, but not in a perverted sense, but because censorship is pointless - it's just skin and if you saw it every day, it wouldn't be an issue. Every male or female has the same parts!. Not every anime is intended to be serious and knowing what the overall goals are for an anime become relevant for whether it was intended to be story focused, random fun and comedy, or heavily romantic.There is nothing wrong with anime having bath scenes for example, remember that anime should be considered fun along with eye candy. This becomes personal preference / culture based and ecchi or artwork in nude form is something more common in Japan. Maturity level comes in play and a mature person should be able to shrug some off. A simple rule is expect most anime to have some "service" in some form and because of that, I don't point it out if it feels natural or characters acting how people do in such given situations. I will point out if it is used heavily or comes off as the main concept though.


9) Music Videos (Favorite Artists / Genre):

Few Favorites by DJ S3RL:

  Little Kandi Raver       /      Pika Girl       /      Techno Kitty    /     Better Off Alone    /      Press Play, Walk Away

Few Favorites by Eiffel 65:

 My Console       /        Blue        /        Move Your Body      /     Losing You 

Few Favorites by DJ Satomi:

Waves   /   Castle in the Sky     /      Hung Up

Few Favorites by Toy-Box:

Sailor Song   /   Eenie,Meenie,Miney,Mo    /   Prince of Arabia    /    Russian Lullaby    /    Tarzan and Jane

Few Favorite Vocaloids:

Nehanshika     /     Nostalogic       /       Rolling Girl      /    Lily Lily Burning Night  /   Daughter of Evil

Few Favorite Other Electronic:

 Adesso Balla    /    Sandstorm Remix   /   U.N Owen Was Her    /     8 Bits      /     Zenon

Few Favorite Kpop:

Fantastic Baby     /     Ringa Linga    /      Gangam Style      /      Heartbreaker    /     Sorry Sorry

Few Favorite Anime Songs:

Death Note 2nd Op   /    Elfen Lied Op   /   Ranma 1/2 Op   /   Slayers S1 Op  /  Gintama 5th Op

 Gintama 5th End  /   Gintama 9th Op  /  Gintama 2015 3rd End   /  Danganronpa End  /  Madoka Magica End

Re: Zero End  /   Re: Zero Ep 14 End  /   Brynhildr Darkness Op 1  /  Brynhildr Darkness Op 2   /  Henneko Op 

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry End

**Needs Updating with additional favorites**

Life on anime

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Anime ratings

  • 5
  • 4.5
  • 4
  • 3.5
  • 3
  • 2.5
  • 2
  • 1.5
  • 1
  • 0.5

292 total

Life on manga

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Manga ratings

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  • 4
  • 3.5
  • 3
  • 2.5
  • 2
  • 1.5
  • 1
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1 total

I adore these characters


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EnaKohanna Aug 27, 2018

Another Ghost Hunt Fan <3 i love ghost hunt to

Slinth Jul 18, 2018

+Rep, Put more work in his Bio than I have ever done in my entire life.

PinkEggplant182 Jun 29, 2018

youre kinda weird. keep it going, love your spirit.

HikikoKat May 30, 2018

My mom hated the entire concept of it. Wouldn't let me have anything to do with the games or the anime. Our neighbor's kids had some sort of card game, though, and we'd play with that when I went over. ;p By now, though, I think that ship has sailed; no nostalgia for me, so dunno if I could get into it.

Yes, she is. :D Sorry to hear you can't sleep well. :c I have dark circles, but I think it's facial structure/genetics or something... She does remind me of myself, particularly during my teen years. Nowadays, too, but to a slightly lesser extent.

Ah, well, I'm glad you had fun with them. I've been wanting to play 5 again, but other games keep cropping up.... And you're welcome! =^-^=

Lol I literally could just sit and watch that gif all day.... What show is it from? I'd need to find a pair of cat ears, but I've got the Nyaa-ing down. Gets me weird looks from both cats and people.

Lol Thanks. Are there any other tags that you would use for yourself instead? :p Yah, summer and winter, outside and inside, I wear nothing on my feet, except for when I have to, like in a store.

The coat sounds epic. :o And probably warm. cx Pity about your pants trouble.... I love boots. =^o^= I have a pair, just simple cold-weather boots to wear with skirts and dresses.

I'd love to get some gothic clothing at some point. c: I never got past the first episode of Kill La Kill... If I remember correctly, the animation style put me off, or something. Celestia is very pretty, yes. <3

Thanks for the recommendations! :D My friend last time picked both Danganronpa and Death Note, so Death Note will be next, and then I will watch your picks. :D

Origins is my first Ys game, and I really want to get the others, too. c: Uh oh, Backlog Monster, lol. I must exercise great restraint myself, to avoid that situation, and still keep failing. The other Steam games that I have are This War of Mine; Cook, Serve, Delicious!; and Craft the World. And another game called Prismata, when it had a giveaway event, though I haven't even finished the tutorial. But it was free, so I feel less bad about neglecting it; it seems pretty fun, though, and reportedly gets quite challenging further on.

Yes, I'm enjoying the animes and want to get the games at the first opportunity, especially since people say the games are better than the animes. Aw, a Monokume plushie would be cute....though at the same time I'd be a little scared of it and would probably keep it in the closet.

Lol I do that, too, sometimes. Takes too much effort to jump into a conversation. :x

HikikoKat May 30, 2018

Hello there. =^-^=

lol You're the second person to make the Pokemon connection. But, I was never allowed to get into Pokemon when it first become popular, so to be honest it didn't even cross my mind when I came up with the name.

Tomoko is a great character. :D Glad you enjoyed her/the show.

Wellllll, maybe. But, really, I just wanted more time to watch anime. xD I still look through the forums while waiting through ads, but usually I have a manga to read.... Are you still playing any of the games?

Ah, I'm the same way, having to work up a bit of courage to talk to someone new. :)

Those tags are indeed describing me, though the ones in italics are more "I wish". So, I wish I dressed in Gothic Lolita style, but I don't have the money, boo, or the sewing skills.... I just dress in darker colors; that's all as far as anything "gothic" goes. :p What sort of gothic pieces do you have?

Haha, I bug a friend on Discord to pick a random show from my Want to Watch list whenever I need something new to watch. Except for a couple of shows, which are recs from different people. CX It's nice that we have similar tastes.

Right now I'm playing Ys Origin, though over the weekend it was Cities: Skylines becasue of the free weekend, before buying it.

Thanks for leaving a comment. :) Wolves are nice creatures. If you're in A-P's Discord server, you might see me on there, though normally I only lurk. :p Feel free to friend me on there.