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I am a Vtuber, find me on Twitch!

I spend all my time either gaming or watching anime and others shows/movies. I play on PS5 mainly now, and I am a huge Nintendo fan. My video game libraries combined consists of well over 500+ games.

My favorite anime categories are: Horror / Comedy / Adventure / Ecchi  / Magical Girl / Daily Life or School Life + several more
Also, I often prefer anime/cartoons that have that retro 90's art. I love really modern, colorful art, but the simple art style used back then, it has a comforting feeling. Too many of my most favorite cartoons and anime, are from that time line, and the focus is more on content than something flashy. I do believe that a majority of stuff from back then is far better than many the anime/cartoons created today.

About me:
I am a shy wolfy, fairly quiet and keep to myself. I am always super sleepy, so I that contributes to it. I can however, become quite talkative when it's someone I like to be around. I can be pretty awkward, as I don't really know what to talk about if it's not games / anime / shows, but can also be pretty entertaining with someone who can just have fun.

I used to play tons of MMO's, but moved onto less grindy things. I moved from PC gaming to PS5 as main choice, with some Nintendo switch as it's less painful to lay vs sit. I used to buy tons of games, but with around 50+ unplayed, some even AAA quality, I buy very little now, just the games I'm really into and will play right away.

My anime life has gone very well. I usually end up watching shows I knew I'd love, so I've experienced very few that weren't my taste. It has gotten to a point of where I think I've watched enough, that it is become tougher to find something I love as much as the rest. I am not overly picky, so long as it feels fun to me. 

Favorite animal: Wolf (a shocker, I know!)
Favorite pet: Dog / Cat - Own 1 cat
Enjoys: Gaming / Anime / Cartoons / Movies / TV Shows / Music / Nintendo / Playstation / Cooking / Baking
Dere type(s): Main - Kuudere / Partial - Dandere / Slight mixes of -  Kamidere / Oujidere / Tsundere
Languages: German / English

Photos of my cat can be found here 

My external profiles:
Nintendo = Ask
Skype = Ask
Blizzard = Ask

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FoodLife Dec 30, 2020

I think i was the one that first gave you the secret santa recs. My bad if my recs were not good or yoy didn't see it.

Akishima Dec 13, 2020

Let's move this convo to pm if that's ok with you, because it's running long, lol.

joebev910 Dec 13, 2020

How are you

Akishima Dec 13, 2020

It's true, you never know who you could meet! I also know at least one person who met their spouse online (it was through WoW, actually). I personally find it difficult to imagine- I think you have to be willing to trust people a bit and take chances in order to really get anywhere, and that can be really difficult and scary, especially if you're socially awkward. If it's difficult in real life, I think it's even harder with the added distance and uncertainty online. But, on the other hand, the internet has become a great resource for testing out social interaction within the comfort of your own home. I personally credit WoW with helping me become more social irl. But, at the same time, a lot of people are almost painfully afraid of saying the wrong thing online, myself included. It took me years to get up the courage to post in the forum, which is kind of funny when you think about the fact that we're all anonymous here- but I know I'm not alone in that.

Yeah, pets do have their downsides, and all babies like to chew things, unfortunately. I'm sure she'll grow out of that. But god forbid you leave wires hanging- a cat can never resist that at any age. Mine loved to chew my shoelaces. Ah yes, I do pop into discord once in a blue moon. This could be possible!

Germans being long-lived surprises me actually, it's my understanding smoking is still really common in Germany. However, it's also common in Japan, and I do know they do tend to live longer- it's probably the less sedentary lifestyles and relatively better diets. You should go to Germany if you get the chance, you're bilingual and have lived there before- that's a huge plus. I want to visit Japan too- but I also really want to visit the British Isles, so I should probably start with that. I will never feel satisfied that my brother got to visit Ireland first, haha. Oh, I'm incredibly change averse, risk avoidant, status quo is god. But I also just really dislike the unknown. It frustrates me that I can't predict every possible outcome- I try to plan for every eventuality, and then inevitably, something happens I don't expect. I don't like the unexpected. You could actually call me a hobbit, lol. However, I have found that other people can talk me into doing things that I would never consider on my own- that's how I wound up going to an anime convention.

I think the biggest issue with Ranma 1/2 and Cardcaptor Sakura is their length. That's a serious time commitment, and I prefer to watch more, shorter series. I've only seen Cybersix and Oban around on A-P and I honestly couldn't remember anything about them- had to search 'em up. Well, you can group-watch a number of ways, but the most common seems to be watching an agreed-upon number of episodes per day and then commenting in the show's thread. It's about as low-stress as a group thing can get. I just finished one for Drifting Dragons- there were just two of us doing it, but it was a blast. Took more time than I thought it would because my comments are never short and we watched the entire show in four days during the week. It was a ton of fun though. People post in the "FYOB - Find Your Anime Buddy" thread for it to find people to watch with.

Haha, my biggest issue with WoW was that after I leveled my first character to cap, I didn't want to start all over with another one. I still remembered the quests, and it just wasn't fun like it was the first time. It's weird, because I was just fine with grinding for faction rep or a rare mount or whatever, but leveling another character was really hard to do. I wound up focusing mostly on maxing out my stats on my main dps druid and I really enjoyed my professions and playing the auction house (this is before they kinda changed all of that). I started playing at the beginning of BC, so Wrath was the best expansion because it was when I reached max level and was able to really fully exploit it.

I did a decent amount of randoms and even bgs- loved dungeon finder, because I always found the thought of grouping with a bunch of unknown players for raids to be really daunting so I'd avoided it previously except the occasional guild raid- I'd just do what you did and over-level so I could solo them. I was a cat dps, so I don't think I was ever terribly good at the game, but it helped me get through college. Like you, I have a lot of fond memories of it and it was really hard to let go of. I kept buying expansions long after I basically quit playing.

On A-P I'm a bit more outgoing. I've never had a problem casually talking to people, but I don't go out of my way to hang out. Since I moved across the state three years ago, A-P has basically been my social life. I had a great group of friends in my old city, but I just haven't bothered since I moved. I deal with people all day at my job, and I live with my folks, so when I come home, I just want to relax.

Akishima Dec 12, 2020

Yeah, for some reason I've never been able to bring myself to have a detailed profile here- I tried a couple of times, and wound up deleting it within an hour. I suppose I'm more anime-focused here, and figured if anyone was interested in what I like, they could check out my anime lists- although at this point I've seen and liked enough anime that it's a bit daunting to look through.

Aww! My last kitty was similar- when she saw you she would flop down and roll over making little inviting noises. And yet, when you took the bait, she didn't like having her tummy petted- it was irresistible though, (she was basically a brown/grey tabby similar in coloring to yours, but with short fur). I was jealous she was more my mom's cat than mine- she'd never sleep on my bed. My previous cat was long-haired like yours, and a neurotic little thing, but she was all mine- she pretty much ignored everyone else. Your cat is smart though- I've never had cats that could flip light switches or play fetch. I'd love to see more pics, but I get the annoyance of having to upload to the interwebz.

My family is from Germany a few generations back and I think heritage is something that people gravitate to- I’m not as fascinated by it as I was when I was a teen, but it’s still interesting to me. I took German in high school and college, and have several family members and friends who have visited or lived there. My brother has gone there for work several times and really likes it. He almost moved there a few years ago, and I’m still hoping he will because then it will be a lot easier to visit- like you, I’m quite daunted by going to a foreign place by myself. I’d definitely have to do it with someone.

I have a huge dropped list, and there's a lot of popular anime on it- the reason a lot of longer titles are on it is because that's a real time commitment, but I had to at least check out the first episode to see what all the hype was about. Ranma 1/2 seems like an anime I might find fun if I gave it a chance- slapstick humor isn't really my thing though. Cardcaptor Sakura is an interesting case because I love a lot of Clamp titles, but I really don't like magical girl shows. However, I may give it another chance someday. I have heard of both Cybersix and Oban Star Racers- there’s so many retro anime I want to watch, but I also keep up with the seasonal anime, and that’s a lot of shows. I might be up for a groupwatch of Cybersix at some point if you’re so inclined.

A comment on your bio- I used to play World of Warcraft obsessively back in my early 20s. When I graduated from college, I realized I had really enjoyed the social atmosphere of the cybercafe we had at university- there was very little actual interaction, but everyone was gaming. It made playing feel so dull on my little Macbook at home. I'm not a social person, but I like being around people with no expectations and no obligation to talk to them. It's an odd thing. I never was very social within the MMO either, I mostly solo leveled- but having a guild I could talk to if I was so inclined was nice.