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Gradually re-creating my profile, as my prior one with all that effort glitched on me, and deletion was the only option in order to edit it again :(

I spend all my time either gaming or watching anime and others shows/movies. I play on both PC or console, and I am a huge Nintendo fan. My video game library consists of well over 400+ games.

My favorite anime categories are: Horror / Comedy / Adventure / Ecchi  / Magical Girl / Daily Life or School Life + several more
Also, I often prefer anime/cartoons that have that retro 90's art. I love really modern, colorful art, but the simple art style used back then, it has a comforting feeling. Too many of my most favorite cartoons and anime, are from that time line, and the focus is more on content than something flashy. I do believe that a majority of stuff from back then is far better than most of the anime/cartoons created today.

About me:
I am a shy wolfy, fairly quiet and keep to myself. I am always super sleepy, so I that contributes to it. I can however, become quite talkative when it's someone I like to be around. I can be pretty awkward, as I don't really know what to talk about if it's not games / anime / shows, but can also be pretty entertaining with someone who can just have fun.

I used to play tons of MMO's, but moved onto less grindy things, such as my all time favorite console, the Nintendo switch, or playing some ongoing games like Warcraft 3 Reforged. I used to buy tons of games, but with around 50+ unplayed, some even AAA quality, I buy very little now, just the games I'm really into and will play right away.

I often feel lonely, both a curse for obvious reasons, but a blessing because it means total freedom to do what I like, whenever I like.

My anime life has gone very well. I usually end up watching shows I knew I'd love, so I've experienced very few that weren't my taste. It has gotten to a point of where I think I've watched enough, that it is become tougher to find something I love as much as the rest. I am not overly picky, so long as it feels fun to me. 

Favorite animal: Wolf (a shocker, I know!)
Favorite house pet: Dog / Cat
Enjoys: Gaming / Anime / Cartoons / Movies / TV Shows / Music / Nintendo / Playstation / Cooking / Baking
Info: 30 / M / Single - looking for a girlfriend / Cashier
Dere type(s): Main - Kuudere / Partial - Dandere / Slight mixes of -  Kamidere / Oujidere / Tsundere
Languages: German / English

Random Fact: I would have liked to be a magician and entertain. Might still look to learn some simple magic eventually

My external profiles:
Nintendo = Ask
Skype = Ask
Blizzard = Ask

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BaagaJB15 Oct 17, 2019

Yaooooo you like ecchi also ? Give me a good classic ecchi then if you don’t mind? #ivewatchgoldenboyalready

EnaKohanna Aug 27, 2018

Another Ghost Hunt Fan <3 i love ghost hunt to

Slinth Jul 18, 2018

+Rep, Put more work in his Bio than I have ever done in my entire life.

PinkEggplant182 Jun 29, 2018

youre kinda weird. keep it going, love your spirit.

HikikoKat May 30, 2018

My mom hated the entire concept of it. Wouldn't let me have anything to do with the games or the anime. Our neighbor's kids had some sort of card game, though, and we'd play with that when I went over. ;p By now, though, I think that ship has sailed; no nostalgia for me, so dunno if I could get into it.

Yes, she is. :D Sorry to hear you can't sleep well. :c I have dark circles, but I think it's facial structure/genetics or something... She does remind me of myself, particularly during my teen years. Nowadays, too, but to a slightly lesser extent.

Ah, well, I'm glad you had fun with them. I've been wanting to play 5 again, but other games keep cropping up.... And you're welcome! =^-^=

Lol I literally could just sit and watch that gif all day.... What show is it from? I'd need to find a pair of cat ears, but I've got the Nyaa-ing down. Gets me weird looks from both cats and people.

Lol Thanks. Are there any other tags that you would use for yourself instead? :p Yah, summer and winter, outside and inside, I wear nothing on my feet, except for when I have to, like in a store.

The coat sounds epic. :o And probably warm. cx Pity about your pants trouble.... I love boots. =^o^= I have a pair, just simple cold-weather boots to wear with skirts and dresses.

I'd love to get some gothic clothing at some point. c: I never got past the first episode of Kill La Kill... If I remember correctly, the animation style put me off, or something. Celestia is very pretty, yes. <3

Thanks for the recommendations! :D My friend last time picked both Danganronpa and Death Note, so Death Note will be next, and then I will watch your picks. :D

Origins is my first Ys game, and I really want to get the others, too. c: Uh oh, Backlog Monster, lol. I must exercise great restraint myself, to avoid that situation, and still keep failing. The other Steam games that I have are This War of Mine; Cook, Serve, Delicious!; and Craft the World. And another game called Prismata, when it had a giveaway event, though I haven't even finished the tutorial. But it was free, so I feel less bad about neglecting it; it seems pretty fun, though, and reportedly gets quite challenging further on.

Yes, I'm enjoying the animes and want to get the games at the first opportunity, especially since people say the games are better than the animes. Aw, a Monokume plushie would be cute....though at the same time I'd be a little scared of it and would probably keep it in the closet.

Lol I do that, too, sometimes. Takes too much effort to jump into a conversation. :x